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49th PARALLEL (S/T) (Pacemaker/w/bonus trks) "First proper version of this legendary Canadian psych album, supplemented by eleven bonus tracks, two of which have never seen reissue before now. In the spring of 1969, the 49th Parallel had a hit in Canada and the USA with 'Twilight Woman,' a lovely song that sounded like a poppier, slightly folkier version of what bands like Tomorrow were doing in England. The success of the singles resulted in the release of the 49th Parallel's only album, on MGM affiliate Maverick Records. All hyperbole aside, this is easily one of the top Canadian rock albums ever released. The album contains excellent material, including the pulsating psychedelia of Lazerander Filchy' and the ultra-strange '(The) Magician,' as well as the quintessential punk edginess of
'Now That I'm a Man' and '(Come On Little Child &) Talk To Me.' Dan Lowe's blazing fuzz guitar work stands out, particularly on 'Missouri,' and when challenged by organist Jack Velker's brilliant stuttering work on 'Eye To Eye,' 'Talk To Me' and 'The People'. Strong melodies, great playing and production make for a must-own collection of songs."    $15.99

A-CADS - Hungry For Love (Import) Playing long-haired beat music in South Africa in the mid '60s was a risky business. The a cads managed it however and this rare album shows a competent band playing fine versions of standards such as "Got My Mojo Working", "Midnight Hour" and "As Tears Go By" amongst others. Seven bonus tracks also!

ABSTRACT TRUTH- Totum/Silver Trees (import) (2 LPs) Rare 1970 debut album and the 1971 follow up "Silver Trees" by this South African psychedelic progressive rock band. Excellent early '70s melodic whistful freak rock blends with African sounds featuring assorted instruments keyboards, flutes, electric guitars, saxophone,harpsichord, percussion etc. A refreshing approach with psychedelic touches. Artwork shows both sleeves! $19.99

AGINCOURT - Fly Away (remastered) (Import/Acme) Remastered expanded edition of this album originally released in 1970, by members of Ithaca. A super rare UK private pressing that leans in the direction of a solo Syd Barret or Fairfield Parlour. Available for the first time from the master tapes this is a lilting melange of acoustic folk rock with male and female vocals. Melodic songs feature flute, acoustic and electric guitar and are both ethereal and organically appealing. Brand new 16 page booklet with lyrics, band history and previously unseen photos. Also includes 2 previously unreleased bonus tracks!

APHRODITE'S CHILD - End of the World (Import w/bonus) Well done reissue of their first album, from 1968. Originally issued by Mercury in Europe only. "Surprise hit album that resulted when the hyper-talented Vangelis Papathanassiou, Demis Roussos and Lucas Sideras fled from the Greek military junta to the relative safety of Paris and the 1968 student uprisings; the single 'Rain and Tears', based on Pachelbel's famous 'Canon' became the song of the year... and careers outside of Greece became real for two of the three Aphrodite's members; beautiful and strange album -- dream-like, baroque, carefully crafted pop/psych; very much in the style of English bands of the era, but with that little twist that makes it all even more special; six bonus tracks compiling rare non-LP singles tracks round out this fine reissue; lyrics and photos too in 12-page booklet." $18.99

APOCALYPSE- (same) (Churchill related) (1971) (Israel Import) Rare!...considered a milestone of Israeli rock.    Sole album of psychedelic hard rock with strong blues and soul influences and some progressive overtones. $23.99

ATLANTIS - (same) (Vertigo/Rep) (72)Nice German five piece that quickly established themselves as one of Germany's leading funky/heavy rock bands of the early 70's! $19.99

THE ATTACK - Complete Recordings 67-68(Acme) "The complete output from the prime era of this epochal band, taken for the very first time from the original Decca/Deram master tapes -- a fact which no other previous compilation of their material can boast! Fifteen tracks of essential UK freakbeat/psych, with hard-edged, sitar-esque guitar, great vocals and prominent organ; includes both sides of their five recorded singles (four were released), plus five additional tracks; Alan Whitehead left the group to form Marmalade; Davey O'List joined the Nice, and the rest of the band evolved into the mighty Andromeda."    $15.99

AUM - Resurrection First time on CD for this rare Psychedelic gem. In the early 1970's, Columbia Records started a new offshoot label based on the legendary Fillmore auditorium. They had their own logo and the albums featured performers who were regulars at the Fillmore. One of those bands was Aum. Resurrection is a rare Psychedelic album that goes for big bucks on auction sites.

KEVIN AYERS- Shooting At The Moon (70) & Rainbow Takeaway(78) (2 LPs on 1 CD) $16.99

BABYLON - (ST) Florida is not normally a locale that one normally associates with prog-rock of any form, but in the late 70's, a fivesome under the moniker of Babylon defied the stereotype. This long-sought-after collectible is available once again, remastered and with a nice booklet including photos of the live shows. This disc moves along at a brisk pace and definitely will appeal to fans of fiercely complex symphonic prog with lots of drama, Genesis influenced yet not a clone. Doroccas's voice may not be everyone's cup of tea but somehow it fits the music quite beautifully. For keyboard fans there's tons of cool synth sounds and ARP strings. A tight rhythm section holds it together with Rodney Best's crisp Bruford-like complex drumming and Rick Leonard's solid authoritative bass. What one might call a minor classic, grab it while you can.

PETE BANKS - Self-Contained (Yes) (One Way lbl) o.o.p?) 21 tracks!!!$12.99

BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST-(ST)/Once Again (70/71) (Bgo) 1st & 2nd LPs on one CD. UK rock w/Mocking Bird.$19.99

BEAT MERCHANTS - The Beat Goes On (64-66) Singles and unreleased demos from this UK garage beat and R"n"B band. $15.99

BEEFEATERS - (SAME) (1967) (IMPORT) Great Danish band's first from 67', is cool blues/garage/beat rock.    An underrated act that supported Hendrix & the Pink Floyd! $19.99

BENT WIND -    Sussex (1969) (Import) w/bonus trks    One of the most-wanted and most-expensive psychedelic LP's worldwide. Easy to believe as the reckless fuzz workouts, murky production and a frontman with a heavy Lizard King fixation satisfies both the garage and trippier camps with equal abandon. Once 'The Lions', the album climax with its anthemic call to 'GET STONED!', has permeated your skull there's no turning back. There have been many reissues of this classic LP since its original release and all have been flawed by either lackadaisical mastering or lackluster contemporary bonus material. World Psychedelia have remedied this by producing the best-quality reissue to date, and bolstering the package with both sides of their 7" ('Castles Made Of Man'/'Sacred Cows' [single version]), a previously-unreleased 19-minute studio rehearsal from the era, band pics, and reproductions of gig flyers & 7" labels." $18.99

BERMUDA TRIANGLE - Bermuda Triangle Reissue on CD of ULTRA-RARE Psychedelic/Folk rock album from US. Male/female vocals, electric eutoharp, violin, guitars, etc. Tearjerking folky versions of 'Nights In White Satin' (Moody Blues) and 'Dream On' (Aerosmith) and excellent folky psych originals make this a very sought after album.This is an authorized release of the 1977 album. It has been remastered and includes 6 previously unreleased songs

BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING COMPANY - How Hard It Is The second of the post Janis Joplin releases originally released in 1971 on Columbia and now on CD for the first time.Everything on this album is a fine example of San Francisco rock ,and the three instrumentals "Last Band on Side One," "Maui," and "Promise Her Anything" show the band members are real musicians, psychedelic journeymen with vision.

BLACK WIDOW “Ultimate Sacrifice” (CMQCD1048): Remastered reissue of rare 1970 debut from controversial UK heavy rock occultists adds five demo bonus tracks ('In Ancient Days', 'Come To The Sabbat', 'Conjuration', 'Seduction,' and 'Sacrifice'), which adds an impressive 33-minutes to the album’s original heft. "Black Widow may have enjoyed a reasonably long and defiantly varied career. But to anyone who cares, they will be remembered for just one song, ‘Come to the Sabbat’—not a hit single, but a standout on a cheapo label compilation in the early '70s, and destined to live on for decades after the band. Naturally, the accompanying “Sacrifice” album has bounced along in its wake, first as an increasingly expensive vinyl collectors' item, and more recently as a regular on the CD reissue circuit; here it comes again, this time bearing more primal Black Widow than you could ever have dreamed of hearing. The disc open naturally, with the original seven-song album. More fascinating, however, is the chance to hear five of the seven in their original demo form, where they are revealed, if anything, to be even more dramatic than on the final vinyl. ‘In Ancient Days’ in particular profits from the looseness of the performance, while ‘Come to the Sabbat’ packs a feel of abandonment that makes the familiar version seem quite sedate. Of course, the bonus tracks are really only of interest if you truly worship the original record. The liner notes tell the band's tale well, the remastering is impressive, and if you're not doing anything next weekend, you might well want to drop by Black Widow's house. They've got somebody visiting, you know.”

GERONIMO BLACK “S/T” (ACA8130): “Geronimo Black was formed by former Mothers of Invention drummer Jimmy Carl Black in 1970, shortly after Frank Zappa broke up the original Mothers. Named after his youngest son (who has since grown up to be a musician himself), Geronimo Black was Black's band all the way. Besides Black on drums and vocals and his Mothers bandmate Bunk Gardner on keyboards and reeds, the group also included sax player Tjay Cantrelli, who had previously been in the second lineup of Love, guitarist and singer Denny Walley, bassist Tom Leavey, and drummer and keyboardist Andy Cahan. This lineup signed with MCA Records and released this, their first album, in 1972. A surprisingly solid album with a varied and occasionally experimental sound, the record attracted almost no attention and the group split up shortly after its release. The opening track, ‘Low Riding Man,’ shows the Los Angeles influence—it gets you moving with horns by Gardner and Contrelli. ‘Siesta’ is a nice laid back tune, with some very mellow flute stands out as does the song ‘L.A. County Jail 59,’ which is the story of a stay at LA's finest junkie hotel. After their manager left, according to guitarist Walley, “no one... really knew what to do with the band... they were really afraid of us. We were rowdy, drank a lot, did everything a lot. We were pretty uncontrollable and they wound up banning us from even coming onto the lot, and that was the end of the record deal.” Says it all. Includes a single-only track as a bonus.

J.D. BLACKFOOT - The Song of Crazy Horse The Song of Crazy Horse - was recorded in New Zealand in 1973 and won New Zealand's R.A.T.A. (Recorded Arts Talent Award) Album Of The Year award for 1974. The title track is a 20 minute saga about the life of the Oglala Sioux Chief Crazy Horse. It was released in 24 countries on the Fantasy label and to this day is still captivating new listeners around the world. $12.99

BLOSSOM TOES - We Are Ever So Clean (1968) (JAP/Polydor) Released at the height of 'flower power' in 1967, We Are Ever So Clean is widely considered to be the finest popsike album ever recorded. Produced by Giorgio Gomelsky( Rolling Stones and the Yardbirds), it's a fascinating amalgam of whimsical pop, music hall humour and acid rock!! $19.99

BLOSSOM TOES - If Only For    A Moment - Two years after their brilliant popsike debut, 1967's We Are Ever So Clean, Blossom Toes unleashed this extraordinary fusion of acid rock and prog, emphasisng how far they'd come since 'the summer of love'. Complex song structures and beautiful guitar solos, and featuring a guest appearance on sitar from US folkie Shawn Philips, the album has gone on to become a major cult favourite!$19.99

BONZO DOG BAND - Bestiality of (EMI) The bonzo dog band took 1930's music, added Monty Python styled surrealist humor and a dash of LSD and made some of the most original music of the '60's. This excellent collection includes their finest moments such as "The Intro and The Outro" "Canyons Of your Mind" "My Pink Half Of The Drainpipe" "I'm the Urban Spaceman" and other bizarre, melodic gems. Fabulous! $17.99

BOOT - (S/T) (1972) (Import) Their first album is rare and came out on a Texas label, though they hailed from New Port Richey, Florida, and had earlier recorded as The Split Ends. It's basically hard rock with some psychedelic guitar work. Very cool $21.99

BOREALIS - SONS OF THE SEA (beatball) (housed in mini LP sleeve) (1972) Ultra rare Canadian psych album mixing songs in styles of It's A Beautiful Day, and Bent Wind!    CD also includes full album by post-Borealis "Prof. Fuddle's Fantastic Fairy Tale Machine.    $23.99

BRIGG - (S/T) (1972) (Import) Excellent folk tinged psychedelic rock from Pennsylvanis! $16.99

ANNE BRIGGS - The Time Has Come. One of the most important figures of the British folk revival of the 1960s, Anne Briggs was a huge influence on such luminaries as Sandy Denny, Maddy Prior and Linda Thompson. This is her second full length, originally released in 1971. Unlike previous releases which contained mostly traditional songs with little or no accompaniment, this album features many self-penned numbers as well as a few contemporary covers with Briggs playing guitar and bouzouki. Briggs only released two albums and a handful of singles/EPs before retiring from the music business making this reissue an important document of the British folk revival.    $15.99

BRIMSTONE - Paper Winged Dreams - Early Seventies harmonic US progressive / psych rock band who made this excellent lost gem of an album. Long instrumental tracks with keyboard and guitar mixing psych with progressive styles in a fragile ethereal manner. Long sought after by collectors and finally available! $14.99

EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND - In Side Out (72) (4 bonus tracks) (rep) UK superb sonic psych blues-rock affair. 1972 Harvest offering from the hairy UK festival freak band who along with The Pink Fairies blasted many a stoned mind at festivals all over the UK. Leaning towards a more progressive direction, there are some great tracks on this, one of their more adventurous releases...$19.99

ARTHUR BROWN’S KINGDOM COME “Galactic Zoo Dossier” (CMQCD807): when this album was released in 1971, most people had no idea what to expect. It had been a few years since The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, and—it being the 60s's—rumors were that Brown had indulged a bit too much in the psychedelics and had been relaxing in a mental institution during that time. Upon setting needle in the groove and hearing the first moments of Galactic Zoo Dossier, those first brave listeners were very possibly wondering if the rumors weren't in fact true. And then, the initial groove of ‘Internal Messenger’ arrived and they could hear that they were in the presence of a master vocalist, who had once again assembled a first-rate band, Kingdom Come. By the time of this record, the psychedelic scene was over, and in its place was the new, burgeoning prog rock scene. Believe me when I tell you that “Galactic Zoo Dossier” is simply one of the most twisted albums you'll ever hear. Forget The Crazy World of Arthur Brown (actually don't, as that 1968 album is actually quite good), this album is much more demented, twisted, and out there! Arthur and Kingdom Come were a fixture in the British free festival scene, along with the likes of Gong and Hawkwind. Difficult to imagine how a Kingdom Come show might've been, but judging from the pictures included in the booklet, it looked like a sight to behold.

PETE BROWN & IAN LYNN - Party In The Rain (76) (SPM) Superb UK rock $18.99

BRUSH - (SAME) (Shadoks) (70s') Private press from Japan which is West Coast oriented hard psych with a progressive touch.    Great album! $16.99

BULENT - BENIMLE OYNAR MISIN (WPC) Rare and sought after introspective folk rock arrangements of incredibly rich Turkish music of late 60's/early 70's (Hans Pokora's book gave 4 stars) Booklet includes lyrics & photos... $19.99

BULLDOG BREED - MADE IN ENGLAND(acme) 1969 Amazing UK mod/psych/freakbeat rarity w/ members of T2 and The Flies from oirig. Decca master tapes w/bonus tracks and mega rare single.    $15.99

BUMP - (S/T) (1970) (Import) Ultra rare US Dreamy melodic to intensely powerful organ/guitar psych!! $19.99

BUNALIM - (S/T) (197?) (Import/Shadoks) CD re-issue of this killer album from Turkey 1969/1972, some of the most amazing Turkish music ever recorded, wild, raw and with fuzz guitar all over. Still even for most Turkish collectors a kept secret. Bunalim released on 6 singles which are incredible rare. They never did a whole album. Produced by Cem Karaca. They say about the band: "God, they were crazy! Running all nude down the Istiklal Street, psychedelic light shows, crazy paintings all over the stage wall and screaming of "LSD! LSD!" in their live shows". Good as the best recordings from Erkin Koray $15.99

BURNING PLAGUE - (same) (1970) Incredibly scarce and collectible release from this Belgian blues-rock outfit! One of the best blues boom albums ever. Stoned vocals and crazed guitar leads all over the place!!    $15.99

RANDY CALIFORNIA “Kapt. Kopter and the (Fabulous) Twirly Birds” (ACAM8193): super-charged first solo album (1972) for Spirit guitarist/singer/songwriter, as devout a testament to the music of his fallen friend Jimi Hendrix as has ever been waxed. Check out the cover of ‘Day Tripper,’ very much in the same vein as the Jimi version for the BBC; ‘Devil’ is an affecting acid ballad, while ‘Downer’ is a cacophony of guitar noise—acid-drenched and heavy! ‘Things Yet To Come’ is a tone poem for bass line and wah-wah, very early 1970's, groovy and hard to get out of your head. But the best track might well be the truly psychedelic cover of the Beatles’ ‘Rain’: it starts off with a country-rock riff that gets progressively more manic. This collapses into a hideous laugh, and the song gets in gear, in earnest. California overdubs himself in triplicate, blasting away on a two-chord riff, playing very druggy lead, and letting fly with some Jimi-ish glissandi, screeching and swooping over everything. This is the song that the Rolling Stone reviewer was probably thinking of when he called the album a "mega-watt garage bomb." To make the Hendrix tribute more complete, Randy brought in Noel Redding to play bass, under the name Clit McTorius. One listen to this and you'll immediately catch a taste of the long-gone acid rock days: velvet pants, fringed leathers, American flag headband, the whole trippy works. Decidedly half-baked but full voltage music, with the well-done parts very well done indeed. Buy this one while you still can! Includes three bonus tracks, 'Walkin' The Dog,' 'Live For The Day,’ and 'Rebel'. (UPC: 0805772819320)

CARAVAN 'If I Could Do It All Over Again I'd Do It All Over You' (Import/Eclectic) Remastered digipack reissue of 1970 album, featuring the original eight tracks plus four bonus tracks, 'A Day In The Life Of Maurice Haylett', 'Why?',
'Clipping The 8th,' and 'As I Feel I Die'.    $14.99

CARAVAN - 'In the Land of Pink and Grey' (UK Import/Eclectic)    Remastered digipack reissue of the British progressive rock act's 1971 album, featuring the original five tracks plus five bonus tracks, 'I Don't Know It's Name','Aristocracy', It's Likely To Have A Name Next Wee, 'Group Girl,' and 'Dissassociation/100% Proof' (new mix). $14.99

CARAVAN 'For Girls Who Go Plump in the Night' (Import/Eclectic) Remastered digipack reissue of the band's 1973 album, featuring the original 7 tracks plus five bonus tracks! $14.99

CATHEDRAL - Stained Glass Stories A unique blending of similar symphonic bands of the golden age of prog, most prominently King Crimson and Yes, with the occasional flourish of Genesis and Gentle Giant. The two instrumental qualities that immediately jump out are the prominent addition of lush mellotron passages and the fat Rickenbacker bass that is quite reminiscent of Chris Squire. In fact, the bassist is probably the most notable member of the group, and can easily be heard throughout the mix. The guitar playing betrays an interesting combination of influences from Howe and Fripp, and is also a large contribution to the band's overall sound. The assorted percussion also adds a nice dimension. The vocals are sometimes reminiscent of Gentle Giant singer Derek Shluman in how they sound, but are generally delivered in an overly dramatic and anguished tone that might detract for some.The songs are all long and complex pieces with plenty of instrumental action.

CHANTS R&B - Stage Door Witchdoctors (Bacchus) A collection of tracks by this underground '60's New Zealand garage band the reviewers say "With full-on assault of fuzzed out guitar and rumbling bass, a bugged vocalist, and an absolute pounder of a drummer the chants deliver the goods just the way they should be - hard, hard hard! $12.99

CHIMO - (ST) Great Canadian band that combines psych, classical and jazz influences..$12.99

CHRISTMAS - (same) (1970) (pacemaker) The rarest artifact by this much-beloved Canadian underground band finally sees it's first CD issue! Debut album by Bob Bryden's (Reign Ghost) 'dream band' which was first released on Paragon in 1970 (the same day as the second Reign Ghost album!!) Dreamy and atmospheric, with lovely vocals and understated guitar work suffused with a melancholic lethargy recalling the Velvet Underground's third album; a comparison all the more telling when you hear the ambitious 21 minute instrumental "Jungle Fabulous" which closes the album. A great event for psychedelic fans worldwide! $16.99

CHRISTMAS - Heritage    Second album from the Canadian psychedelic rockers, released in 1970. An underground favourite in Europe, this was their last effort, released six months after their self titled debut. Ten track LP, a savage combination of heavy prog, psychedelia and folk rock. Highlights include the ten minute epic "April Mountain", "Rise Up" and the absolutely mammoth thirteen minute "Zephyr Song" .$16.99

THE CLEFS OF LAVENDER HILL - 2010 archive release from the '60s outfit containing their unreleased album plus bonus tracks. The Clefs Of Lavender Hill was more than just a one hit wonder. Yes, they did have a classic song with 'Stop! Get A Ticket', but ever since that dynamite track was released on Date Records in 1966, rumors have circulated throughout the music world that there was a long lost unreleased album in the vaults. Now, for the first time after over 40 years, fans can finally hearthisgreat music! Added to the complete unreleased album are four bonus tracks, including both the mono and stereo single versions of 'Stop! Get A Ticket', thus giving fans three different versions of this beloved song.

COLD SUN - Dark Shadows (Import/WIS) "First time available on CD, Cold Sun from Austin, Texas was recorded in 1970 in the legendary Sonobeat studios, where the Mariani and Johnny Winter first LPs were produced. The Cold Sun band are considered contemporaries of Velvet Underground and The Fugs, often listed as being in a similar vein but inspirations for this unique piece actually go back to the desperate, haunted Joe Meek. All songs lyrically express dark, mystic poetry with the true '60s psychedelicfloating/distorted fuzz spirit presented in short compact mini-epics along with several mind blowing long tunes. Autoharp wizard Miller eventually spearheaded Roky Erickson's international debut as the Cold Sun band joined forces with Roky in 1974 and became BliebAlien, later evolved into The Aliens and backed Roky on his famous albums and historical concerts. Carefully remastered from the master tapes, this album will bring new rewarding listening experiences in expanded fidelity, plus 2 unreleased non-album songs, authentic Live/Concert recordings of 'Live Again' (10 min.) and 'Mind Aura' (7 min.). The fidelity of these reel to reel live recordings is also remarkable. The CD and Vinyl issues will both have an extended booklet/insert with liner notes by Jello Biafra plus rare photos and other surprises. According to Patrick (Lama) Lundborg from 'Best Rockadelic LP ever, and in my opinion the best Texas LP of the time.' Enjoy this ONE-HOUR psychedelic Happening, a 'must-have' '60s/'70s heavy uber-psych masterpiece!"

COMMON PEOPLE - Of the People ... Reissue of this US '60s psych holy grail. Recorded in 1969 by a North American band - with orchestral arrangements by David Axelrod and produced by ‘Lord’ Tim Hudson(The Seeds, The Lollipop Shoppe) - the album is full of gently floating harmonious mellow psychedelia similar to Gandalf or Food. A real grower and is a strange but compelling body of work. $15.99

CORPUS - Creation Of A Child (1971) (Import)    Legendary US psych rock album, first released in 1971.    Excellent vocal harmonies and ringing guitar work coupled with some heavy riffs make this a worthwhile reissue!!! $16.99

PAPA JOHN CREACH “S/T” (ACA8089): First solo album from veteran fiddler who had been playing jazz, blues and swing since the late 30s, but became a name to rock audiences in the most unexpected way possible—as a member of Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna, and Jefferson Starship. In 1967, while playing at the Parisian Room, Creach was "discovered" by drummer Joey Covington. When Covington joined the Airplane in 1970, he introduced them to Creach, who was invited to join Hot Tuna. The audience reaction to his tune-up alone convinced the rest of the Airplane that he was a worthwhile addition to the band's line-up. The album under discussion was initially released on Grunt, the Airplane's own label, in 1971, and features Jerry Garcia, Carlos Santana, John Cipollina of Quicksilver Messenger Service, and Airplane stalwarts Grace Slick, Jack Casady and Jorma Kaukonen. Good fun. Blues, jazz, ragtime, bluegrass, Papa John is the master of all.

CREATION OF SUNLIGHT - (S/T) (1968) (Lion) w/bonus trks    "Finally available CD reissue of the ultimate, elusive late 60s sunshine West Coast psych rarity ($1k+ for an original). Gives off that happy, druggy sunshine vibe- sort of like Strawberry Alarm Clock's younger brothers. Fantastic vocal harmonies, pulsating Hammond, and ripping lead fuzz guitars." $15.99

D.R. HOOKER - The Truth (Import) One of the essential US private pressings.    Stunning US psych from early '70s with a mystical edge.    Great guitar work loaded with fuzz and cool songs that evoke a kind of religious, mystical vibe.    Wrapped in a perfect '60s style production this is a real gem from start to finish!!! $19.99

DANDELION - (ST) CD re-issue of the mega rarity from the 70s folk-psych French underground scene, featured on Hans Pokora's book with a four stars rating and reissued for the first time. DANDELION's first album was first released in 1979 as a tiny private pressing of only 300 copies. It has a charming, amateurish homemade vibe with some outstanding tracks like "Winter Tale" (featuring sound effects, reverberating guitars and lost vocals which bring to mind other lost bands like Tony, Caro & John or Agincourt), the acoustic "La Farfalla" with nice femme vocals and the atmospheric, organ dominated "Sometimes", which opens the album in a impressive way.This reissue is done with help from guitarist/composer Jean Christophe Graf and CD has booklet with all these infos as well, and slimcase outer carton cover. $21.99

DANIEL - Phoenix (197?) (Import/WIS) "This album was a demo only release by Daniel in 1979 to send out to record companies. He started to write the music in 1971, recorded in '76-'78 - only a few copies are known of this great and unique record. The music ranges from fantastic acid folk to full blown psychedelic creepers with heavy cello --and
furious fuzz guitar assaults. His producer's voice:'Daniel plays the cello like Jimi Hendrix the guitar!' Now he is a movie actor and producer in Hollywood, known as Jason D. Holt. This CD comes with 2 bonus tracks, artist's bio and
picture."    $21.99

DARIUS - 2 (1967-71) (German Import/WIS) Collection of songs recorded between 1967 and 1971 from US psych-folk/rock legend darius that has been hailed as better than his first album!. Released by World In Sound under license from, and with the full cooperation of, the man himself, this is a collection of fifteen previously unreleased songs, funky trippy and with a soft psychedelic edge. $21.99

DEBRIS - Static Disposal (Anopheles Records - 004) Reissue of ultra rare US mid '70s album that combines drug crazed space rock mayhem with frantic New York Dolls style punk. The result is off the wall and derranged without totally going off the rails. Weird effects and synth sounds combine with frantic riffing and crazed vocals. In some ways this band are reminiscent of early material by the UK's Treatment... Freaky!    $15.99

THE DEEP SIX - (S/T) (UK Import/Rev Ola) Mainstays of the more innocent end of the Sunset Strip folk rock boom of the '60's with their splendid harmonies and, slabs of fuzztone US band The deep six have become a legendary LA act. The recordings featured Jim Messina, David Gates & Glen Campbell. This comprehensive CD (17 tracks) contains their album, all the singles and a fully informative booklet. just what's needed for the Sunset Strip weather. $17.99

DEMON FUZZ “Afreaka” (CMRCD1197): reissue of an impossibly rare record that fetches huge sums thanks to its very deep grooves. Released in 1971, the music defies description: there's afro-beat, psych, jazz rock, fuzz guitar—all the works—on 9-minute tracks like ‘Past Present & Future’ and ‘Mercy.’ Includes three bonus tracks from their rare Dawn EP (‘I Put A Spell On You,’ ‘Message To Mankind,’ ‘Fuzz Oriental Blues.’ Fully detailed booklet gives the lowdown on this Funkadelic/Cymande type outfit (the sticker on the cover says with glee: “Funkadelic meets Hendrix and Cymande!, a meeting we would have loved to witness). When Demon Fuzz split after making this one gloriously unsuccessful album in 1970, they could never have imagined that several decades later their work would be raided for phat beats and samples. But in recent years, that’s what has happened to Afreaka!, A pioneering collection of psychedelic soul and Afro-rock, hence this timely reissue, accompanied by the songs from their equally rare Dawn EP. The Afreak-Out starts here!

DEVIANTS- (Jap. Import) (Mick Farren)- Fragments of Broken Probes    This special CD includes rare singles, outtakes, unreleased and remixes from '68 -`'92 recordings (compiled by Mick Farren). Featuring Andy Colquhaun, Larry Wallis, Paul Rudlph, Sandy Sanderson, Alan Powell, Russell Hunter, Marc Ramone, Animal Taylor (MOTORHEAD). Japan press only. Features "Play With Fire", "Lost Johnny" and "To Know Him Is To Love Him", amongst others.Japanese pressing complete with obi strip. $16.99

(DEVIANTS) MICK FARREN - Mona The Carnivorous (1970) (jap. import)    Heavy/R&Bish...$19.99

DONOVAN “Fairytales & Colours” (SMBCD406): “How many retrospective collections can one man put out? the answer is quite a few, yet we hasten to say that it’s never a bad thing to be reminded of how ace Donovan is. This collection focuses on his output from 1964 to 1965 for the Pye label, with his debut single, ‘Catch The Wind’ kicking things off. It’s the song that inevitably provoked Dylan comparisons at the time, and while history hasn’t always been too kind to Donovan (largely thanks to his enduring arch-hippy image), he has built up a formidable body of work over the years. The wee man’s finger-picking skills aren’t necessarily the first thing you’d consider when thinking of Donovan’s work, but the Davy Graham-esque workout, ‘Tangerine Puppet’ and the estimable cover of Bert Jansch’s ‘Oh Deed I Do’, prove he’s got some pretty nifty chops to call upon. In fact, legend has it that it was Donovan who taught George Harrison and John Lennon how to fingerpick in the late sixties. If nothing else, “Fairytales & Colours” can serve as a master-class for all freak folkers out there. Since this nice little digi-pack has the original version of the lovely ‘Colours’ and the swinging ‘Sunny Goodge Street’ (said to be a “drug song”—horrors!), it is indeed a great primer of the first efforts of an under-appreciated artist.”

DRAGONFLY - (S/T) This group was originally from Colorado, and their one and only album is a very good underrated psychedelic classic, recorded back in 1968 in Los Angeles. They sometimes have a sound similar to several groups of that era, a little bit of Iron Butterfly and perhaps Cream, and even at times The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Blue Cheer. The guitar playing is excellent "acid-psych" all the way, and it gets very heavy at times. It's a very good album and should be heard for fans of classic 60's hard rock or psychedelic rock. I would highly recommend this.

DRAGONWYCK - (ST) (Import/World In Sound) Five guys from Cleveland recorded 7 tracks, released a test pressing on Pama Records in 1970 as an edition of only 85 copies and created a milestone for all heavy/psychedelic music collectors. The Doors brought main inspiration to their music, with the difference; the songs are heavier and more progressive; the sound is dominated by great vocals, freaked out heavy guitar solos and swirling Hammond B3 organ. The core of musicians started as Sunrise in 1968 and released one 45 record. This CD is from the mastertape which seemed to be lost, contains 5 bonus tracks (3 unreleased), a bio, cool original artwork and photos. Comes in a high quality digipack cover with an extra 8 page booklet. A true lost masterpiece! $23.99

DRAGONWYCK - Chapter 2 (Import/World In Sound) This release is the second of World In Sound´s dragonwyck trilogy. The group from Cleveland was one of the most promising bands from the early 70´s in that area. After their first legendary 1970 heavy-psych album (wis-1023) the keyboardist changed, and the band left their garagy Doors influences to create their own sound. The music on these well produced stereo-recordings exists only on acetate (5 copies), and drifted more into the British vein of progressive rock, like King Crimson, Pink Floyd or Yes, but also reflects the US-West Coast atmosphere of It´s a Beautiful Day. By 1972 Dragonwyck was performing Moody Blues´ complete 'Days of Future Passed' live on stage, which turned out extremely well, so this is for sure the strongest note you´ll recognize. The 10 original cuts are intense and very unique with strong melodies/vocals, heavy guitar solos and an extreme variety of keyboard and vocal sounds an awesome mix of heavy underground rock with classical chamber-music style/elements. Remastered from the original mastertapes - One of the finest unreleased American progressive-psychedelic hippie-art rock-albums : truly a masterpiece in originality, creativity and musicianship! $23.99

DREAMIES (S/T) (1974) (2006 official Special edition)    From the artists (Bill Holt) comes this special remastered official reissue of this classic ultra/rare 1974 album by USA early 70's psych-pop pioneers the dreamies taken from a mint copy of the album and remastered in cooperation with the artist. This their one and only album is an example of weird psychedelia with effects, primitive sampling and primitive electronics. A beauty of an album and must for all into strange psychedelic music. Auralgraphic Entertainment and an incredible mental experience. Dreamies for sure created one of the finest pieces of experimental pop from the era. Bill Holt created a more than symbolic representations of the chaotic times. At its heart, the album is a blend of folk and pop/rock, and in many respects, Dreamies fits in with the singer/songwriter scene that flowered in the early '70s. This deluxe new vinyl to CD remastered version includes a eight-page booklet.lyric insert with never before published photos. One of the
top 50 out there albums of all time - Mojo Magazine. $17.99

EARTH AND FIRE (same) (1970) (plus 7 bonus tracks) Great Dutch harmony vocals with plenty of Mellotrons/fuzz guitars as this psych~prog pop has an Airplanish more European flavor.    $14.99

EAST OF EDEN - New Leaf(1971) (w/5 bonus trks) (digi pac) Re-issue of the 1971 album by this UK progressive outfit originally released on Harvest Records which contained the brilliant opening cut, 'Bradshaw The Bison Hunter',which is worth admission price alone.This was to be the multi-instrumentalist's Dave Arbus' last album for the band..$19.99

EGG - (ST) (Import/UK Eclectic) This album released in 1970, this debut album by British band egg ( ex Arzachel) is extremely complex progressive rock that is dominated by some incredible Hammond organ work. The musicians include keyboardist extraordinaire Dave Stewart, Mont Campbell (vocals, bass guitar) and Clive Brooks (drums). In large part the tracks are mostly instrumental and are dominated by Dave's incredible Hammond organ playing. Although this album is simply amazing and very enjoyable, there are moments when the avant-garde tendencies can get wild. Chord structures are pretty exotic and there are some very unusual root movements. A must for collectors! $14.99

EGG - Polite Force (remaster) (Import/UK Eclectic) The band's second release from 1970 and very much a Canterbury flavoured album. Fabulous progressive madness put out by Dave Stewart, Clive Brooks and Mont Campbell as EGG.This, the second album of the trio will please all the fans of the early Dave Stewart work in Arzachel, yet it has reminiscences of early Caravan/Matching Mole as well. Long prog pieces plenty of jazzy structures, organ passages, freak out fragments, paranoid riffs... Highly recommended.NOW A DELETED ECLECTIC TITLE!    $14.99

ELLIE POP - (S/T) A never before reissued album from 1968 by this little known US pop/psych/folk band. Fresh breezy folky psych pop with Beatles harmonics and influence originally released on the highly collectable Mainstream label, also the home to Superfine Dandelion, Jelly Bean Bandits, Tangerine Zoo, Growing Concern and Amboy Dukes.

THE END - INTROSPECTION "Introspection is a lost nugget from the psychedelic era of the late '60s, produced by bassist Bill Wyman of The Rolling Stones, with Nicky Hopkins & Charlie Watts as guests. This is one of the most important of all the great psychedelic albums of the late '60s: great songs, lovely vibes, a psychedelic masterpiece of vibrant guitars and compositions!"

ERSEN - DUNDEN BUGUNE Leading Turkish rock in the '70s which contains Arabesque flavored psych-rock with complex drumming and some great fuzz assaults    $19.99

ETERNITY'S CHILDREN - (S/T) (1968)(UK/Rev) Excellent US '60s harmony psych pop band produced by Curt Boettcher (Saggitarius/Millenium). As you would expect this is a heavenly concoction of psychedelia, fuzz guitars and beautiful songs. Essential listening for anyone enamored with the West Coast harmony-pop sound.New edition housed in a digi pack sleeve. $17.99

ETERNITY'S CHILDREN - Timeless (UK Import/Rev-Ola)    Housed in a digi pack sleeve this CD has been lavishly remastered and is the "almost lost forever" second album by this seminal group. It's original 1968 release was cancelled in every territory except Canada.This is the stereo mix made at Gary Paxton's Bakersfield studio,with vocal arrangements by Curt Boettcher, and songs & performances by Clarence White & Gene Parsons. Much sought after by soft pop psyche collectors worldwide.    $17.99

EUCLID - Heavy Equipment (1970) (Import) Reissue on CD of one and only album by this US heavy unit, formed from the ashes of garage band The Cobras and the legendary late '60's US psych band Lazy Smoke. Originally released in 1970 on Amsterdam Records (home of the Cyrkle's Minx soundtrack) the record is a killer late '60's acid psych rock album filled with backward effects, dark psychedelic songs and in your face acid guitar work. Anyone remotely interested in late '60's or early '70's US heavy psych will dig this heavy, effect laden gem. $16.99

THE EVERPRESENT FULLNESS - Fire and Dandy the Complete Recordings (1966) (UK Import/Rev-Ola) The first time ever on CD for this legendary 'lost band' who were part of the San Francisco rock scene and were pitched between The Charlatans, The Sopwith Camel, and Turtles with a poppy edge that should have brought a dozen hits. This album features the early songwriting talents of Warren Zevon and Paul Williams and was to be released by the White Whale label in 1966 but got lost as the band fell apart due to the usual 60's contracts, drugs, women scenes etc. Beautiful West Coast pop with a honky-tonk, jingle-jangle, harmony laden timeless, charm. $17.99

THE EYES - BLINK In 1965 and 1966, the Eyes released a clutch of singles that stand up to the Who's work from the same era in their blend of extremely innovative guitar feedback/distortion and anthemic mod songwriting. "When the Night Falls," "The Immediate Pleasure," "I'm Rowed Out," "You're Too Much," and the dry "My Generation" satire "My Degeneration" are revered highly by British Invasion collectors. The bursts of electronic mayhem were quite advanced for the time, though like the Who they had hooks and harmonies to counterpoint the madness.

EYES OF BLUE - Crossroads Of Time (1968) Highly collectible Welsh psych rock! The Eyes debut album 'Crossroads Of Time' was eventually released early in 1969. It included two Graham Bond R&B songs (Bond also wrote the sleevenotes) 'Love Is The Law' and 'Crossroads Of Time' which was especially written for the band. It also included an interesting version of Love's '7 + 7 Is' while The Beatles' 'Yesterday' is given a treatment suggesting something of a jazz hymn. Ritchie Francis claimed the remaining songs of which 'Inspiration For A New Day' is noteworthy and 'Prodigal Son', which features some psychedelic guitar work from Ray 'Taff' Williams. 'Largo' is an arrangement of the Handel piece by Ritchie Francis and he claimed this was indicative of the way the group were going. $19.99

FAINE JADE - Introspection (1967-68) (Sundazed) w/bonus trks "The brilliant psychedelic rock 'n' roll of Faine Jade passed through the orange-colored skies of 1968 like a pink and lavender comet, then was gone. Fortunately Jade leftbehind a wondrous album to detail his amazing, one-way voyage through the night skies. Introspection:A Faine Jade Recital details every deliciously enigmatic, Syd Barrett-inspired twist and turn of the short but sweet career of this mysterious artist. Since the hideously rare original LP now requires a mortgage from your bank, Sundazed, with the full cooperation of the artist, presents the perfect Faine Jade package, taken from the absolute master tapes with rare photos and liner notes based on a recentinterview with Faine Jade, himself."    $14.99

BILL FAY - (S/T) (1971) (Import/Eclectic/bonus trks)24-bit remastered reissue of the first Bill Fay album, originally released in 1970 on Deram Nova; "Bill Fay is an enigmatic UK based singer, songwriter and pianist whose work is impossible to categorise. His late '60s andearly '70s work has a strong cult following, ishighly regarded by many music journalists and is dark and haunting with songs rarely going overthree minutes. Bill was originally signed to Decca and between 1967 and 1971 the label released a beautifully odd single ('Some Good Advice'/'Screams In The Ears') and two excellent albums.    Two bonus tracks (Fay's 1967 single), plus extended liner notes by the man himself $15.99

FEAR ITSELF - (S/T) (1969) (DL Import/WIS) CD version of a 1969 Dot album, It's like a freaked out heavy version of Jefferson Airplane or Big Brother & the Holding Co. The group started back in Atlanta Georgia in 1967 as a quartet with 2 guitars and played true psychedelic sounds, recorded at the Record Plant in NYC. 5 tracks in total, 2 arrangements of traditional tunes while the 3 others are heavy blues with a strong Quicksilver feel with duelling guitarwork, and outstanding female voice/vocals/screams...lots of intense stereo effects. his release, is issued with stunning sound quality and includes a great booklet with pictures and biographical background. - For all 60´s collectors who are not familiar with this masterpiece - it´s a must - there a not many groups that were able to present the freewheelin´ live on stage feeling on their studio album! $22.99

FEDERAL DUCK - (ST) (ImportUK/Radioactive/o.o.p.) An underrated gem gets its first digital release courtesy of Radioactive Records. The bizarrely-named Federal Duck made its appearance on the Musicor label in 1968. Formed by banjo exponent George Stavis, Federal Duck (named after the Federal Duck Stamp Program which was enacted by conservationist Jay Ding Darling and US President Franklin D Roosevelt in 1934) produced this lone musical effort which, once you get past the absurd cover, is a consistently good album that is mildly jazzy, wtih some fine bass and an ever-present darkish vibe. There are a few upbeat mold-breaking songs (one even sounds like the Holy Modal Rounders), but generally a soft-psych feel pervades throughout. $19.99

FINCHLEY BOYS (S/T) (Import/WPC) Re release of this Illinois band's killer and ultra rare album from 1972. An amazing blast of heavy psychedelic, blues based acid rock, which includes a killer cover of The Kinks' "I'm Not Like Anybody Else" complete with mind melting lead guitar. "Outcast" is filled with a really angry teenage angst whilst the bands version of "Restrictions" has some amazing twin wah- wah acid guitar. The band were included on the legendary 'Endless Journey' comps and rightly so. $18.99

FIRE - Could You Understand Me (1973)- Extremely rare privately pressed album from Yugoslavian band.    Furious extreme loud psych rock with an armada of blistering guitars!!    $17.99

FIRE “The Magic Shoemaker” (DPCS0103): Remastered and re-packaged—although still retaining the original sleeve—this magical and much sought after 1970 Pye label concept album (originals impossibly rare and expensive) is a glorious fairytale acid trip on a coach journey, composed and narrated by David Lambert, who later joined Strawbs. The album contains the fantastic opening cut ‘Children of the Imagination’ and the R&B tinged ‘I Can See The Sky,’ along with acid experimental passages that crop up throughout. In brief, Fire was a late 1960's early 1970's British psychedelic band consisted of Lambert, Bob Voice and Dick Duffall, best known for their superb debut single ‘Father’s Name is Dad’ (Decca, 1967). In January 1970, Fire began recording “The Magic Shoemaker,” a whimsical concept album about a shoe cobbler named Mark and his pair of magic shoes which allow the hero of the story to fly. For the album, they were assisted by Strawbs' frontman Dave Cousins on banjo, and guitarist Paul Brett of Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera.

THE FIVE DAY WEEK STRAW PEOPLE - One-off, studio-only British psychedelic band that did one rare album in late 1967. The album has attracted some fanatical praise among collectors. It's British psychedelia and leans a little more toward heavy rock than toward mod, although there are some strong pop elements in the vocal harmonies and the British storytelling lyricism. At times, it's reminiscent of the most pop-oriented material that Cream recorded.

FIVE STEPS BEYOND - Not So Young Today(Import/Acme) Recordings from 1965-67 of this UK Zombies-style Beach Boys influenced harmony beat group featured on a previous Tenth Planet label vinyl issue; this CD is very well assembled, with singles tracks recorded for CBS in England, joined with some terrific demos, studio alternates, and live tracks (23 tracks in all). The definitive collection of an underrated and ultimately forgotten band. 23 trks $20.99

THE FLIES - Complete Collection 65-68(Import/Acme) At long last a full album by this legendary UK Chocolate Soup Psych band who appeared at The 14 Hour Technicolour Dream and made some great singles, including the well known heavy fuzz version of Stepping Stone. The band featured future T2 member Peter Dunton and this limited album is packed with informative sleeve notes and includes demos and previously unreleased material. A real treasure trove ! CD includes a new expanded 20 page booklet. $15.99

THE FOLKLORDS - (S/T) (Pacemaker) "The first time on compact disc for this folk-rock quartet from Toronto, originally issued on the highly-desirable Allied label (Plastic Cloud, Reign Ghost, Intersystems) in 1968. Martha Johnson strums the autoharp and sings, and every track is infused with that innocent, simple charm that seemingly hung in the air in those bygone days. The Folklords Release the Sunshine is a captivating album, a notion shared by the many collectors worldwide who fight for original copies, which are few and far between. Glorious sound from the master-tapes, booklet features band photos and the few scraps of information that we could find."    $15.99

THE FOOL - ("S/T") (Import/Rev Ola) This Dutch group were court designers for the Beatles (also designing the sleeve for the Incredible Stringband's "5000 Spirits..") and in 1968 the band released this excellent album housed in their distinctive psychedelic artwork. Produced by Graham Nash, the album is a timely slice of whimsical sixties psychedelia with an Incredible String Band feel. Early electronic effects swirl alongside eccentric instrumental experimentation and ethereal female vocals. This CD reissue contains two extra tracks. $17.99

FOREVER AMBER - The Love Cycle "First-ever official reissue of the great lost British pop psych album, recorded in the summer of 1968 and released in a total quantity of 99 copies. A magnificent 16-track song-cycle widely compared to a basement version of the Zombies' Odessey & Oracle, this release features the original restored artwork, a 12-page booklet with quotes, photos etc., and eight bonus tracks: re-recordings of The Love Cycle material from an aborted 1978 reworking of the LP. The definitive release of an album that even The Times recently hailed as 'a lost classic!'"

FOUR LEVELS OF    EXISTENCE (S/T) (1976)    Official reissue of one of the best Greek psychedelic albums ever recorded! Psychedelic music sound, Greek lyrics, and monumental guitar solos!!! $15.99

FREAK-OUT PARTY - Insane US '60s exploito psych.. deranged stuff with one side of the original album dedicated to Acid and the other Meditation.... The LP Included full instructions on how to have a Freakout party and blow your mind... Brilliantly mad.

FREE DESIGN - One By One (Japan Import/Vanda TECW 20799/Sealed)    This is the long out of print Japan press with obi and factory sealed with bonus.    Very rare! $23.99

FREE DESIGN - Sing For Very Important People    (Japan Import/Vanda TECW 20746/Sealed)    This is the long out of print Japan press with obi and factory sealed.    Very rare! $23.99

FREEDOM'S CHILDREN - Galactic Vibes (1971) Rare South African psych/rock w/ heavy wah-wah fuzz led weaving guitars, phased out vocals,heavy as lead thumping rhythms on the bass and drums, like a madman on acid!! (plus bonus trks)...$16.99

FREEDOM'S CHILDREN - "Astra" (Import) Great album by this South African early '70's psychedelic band. Superb trippy heavy psychedelic progressive rock reminiscent of UK band Second Hand with stoned effects, mind frying lyrics, great guitar work and a dark and brooding atmosphere that verges on the insane.This South African re-issue includes three bonus tracks and features a detailed 12 page colour booklet with a history of the recording of this great album!$17.99

FRIENDS - (ST) Ultra rare and best, folk/psych (1974) album form Peter Howell and John Ferdinando (musical brainchildren behind Ithaca, Agincourt, Alice Through the Looking Glass and Tomorrow Come Sunday.)    $15.99

THE GHOST - When You're Dead -- One Second (Import) "The Ghost LP is one of the most fabulous UK psych/prog albums. This Birmingham band featured guitarist Paul Eastment, previously in The Velvett Fogg. The album, originally released back in 1970 on the Gemini label in the UK and in 1971 on Exit/Ekipo records in Spain, is one step ahead psychedelia entering the realm of prog music, yet retaining an atmospheric mind expanding feel through it all. Loads of Hammond organ swirls, pyrotechnical guitar licks, beautiful acoustic guitar parts, and above it all, killer vocal arrangements, with the special attraction of Shirley Kent's beautiful tone (Shirley would later move on to record the Fresh Out LP as Virginia Tree). Top quality remastered sound, an impressing addition to your psych prog collection! First ever official CD reissue, limited to 1000 digipack copies."

GODZ - 2 (ESP CD 1047) From 1968, this US bands second album continues in the avant garde vein, experimenting with unusual tonalities and time structures, but also includes some more structured tracks such as "Radar Eyes", later covered by the Fuzztones... Psych punk in the real sense of the term. Comes in a nice slip case with a full explanatory booklet.

GOLDENROD - (ST) (Import) Reissue of this brilliant three piece instrumental late '60s acid rock album by a band who backed Darius and the Fifth Dimension. Featuring four long tracks loaded with swooping, jamming, fuzz guitar and bass lines that interweave with percussion effects it's an album guaranteed to blow your mind. $16.99

GONG - You (spalax)    $17.99

THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH - Horizons/The Goings..(2 LPs) (1970) (import/seeCD 473)...Classic 2 albums by UK prog outfit w/excellent guitar keyboard interplay! $19.99

GROUNDHOGS - Scratching the Surface(Import/Akarma) Debut album from the UK blues band.The band came to attention in the late 60's as the backing group for visiting American blues artists, known at the time as John Lee's groundhogs. Recorded in 1968 at the cutting edge of the British Blues boom, this was a debut that redefined British blues music with a sound alternately mellow and raw. This recording, though obviously blues-influenced, shows the beginnings of their progressive path. $14.99

HP LOVECRAFT - Dreams In The Witch House (Import/UK Rev-o-la) Legendary 1960's Chicago underground band fondly remembered for some of the earliest FM hits. As much of a European cult as Captain Beefheart or Love, yet they remain almost a mystery band... few pictures, and few facts... until now!This their complete Philips recordings, lovingly remastered, and beautifully packaged...the full unknown story of the band - with notes including new interviews as well as many previously unseen pictures, including legendary and rare psychedelic posters. Also included are two bonuses: the innovative radio edit of 'The White Ship' (the version which made it a huge FM hit!) and the staggering phased-to-the-max single mix of 'Keeper Of The Keys'! Wow! $17.99

HACKENSACK - Up the Hardway (74) Formed by Nicky Moore in 1969 Hackensack were considered one of the heaviest live bands of their day. They only released one album (on Polydor) during their lifetime. Their sound was a heavy blues/rock mix and Up the Hardway is highly regarded amongst collectors and very collectable!! $23.99

HAMANA - (S/T) (1974) (DL/WIS) Hamana's debut album recorded in 1974, was issued on the local Phoenix label, Canyon Records. To most of the '60s psychedelic rock/folk fans this is almost an unknown album, original pressings seem to have disappeared, only a few copies are known in collector's hands. Bruce Hamana, a native American, is a member of the Indian Hopi Tribe and went in 1969 to college near San Francisco to live 'in the white man's world.' Instead of traditional native American themes he felt like writing 'modern, revolutionary, contemporary music' -- the result you hear on this album is powerful and melodic, and expresses perfectly the sunny California peace, love & freedom feeling, but also contains a social-critical message.'The music itself is emotive with strong vocals, lots of Westcoast psychedelic guitar flashes, a bit garage feeling but also loner folk style with native American elements. The appeal of this album reminds of Quicksilver Messenger Service, The Byrds, X.I.T, Neil Young, Buffalo Springfield, Garrett Lund. Near unbelievable that on these recordings all instruments, bass, guitars, vocals and drums have been played by Hamana himself, to get overdubbed and to become finally a tasty and atmospheric stereo acoustic/electric mix."    $22.99

THE HARD TIMES - Blew Mind (196-) (UK Import/Rev-Ola) Great album by a band who were stars on "Where the Action Is". They were top folk rockers and all tracks were produced by jazz legend Richard Bock, Jim Dickson (Byrds) and Mama Cass. One notable cut is the mind blowing title track "Blew Mind" a trippy psych adventure with spacey sound effects. The band broke up soon after and members went on to the band T.I.M.E. and Steppenwolf. Includes their very rare singles. $17.99

HARDAL - NEREDEN NEREYE! Turkish late '70s prog band incorporating good fuzz guitar work, nice synths with even some piano and pop hints.    $19.99

KEEF HARTLEY BAND - OVERDOG (1970) (UK/Eclectic) (w/bonus trks) Premier British jazz-rock drummer and bandleader with a pedigree that includes Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and the Artwoods. Hard-driving, uniquely British (North West London, to be specific) jazz-blues-psych-prog, not dissimilar to Colosseum, Air Force, G.B.O. or Snape, but with a bizarre Native American fixation.    Lead vocals as always supplied by former Ian Hunter/Marc Bolan alumni Miller Anderson. Originally released in 1971 and just as fresh today.Includes as a bonus the "Roundabout" 7" part's 1&2.Detailed booklet. $19.99

KEEF HARTLEY BAND - The Time Is Near (1970) (Import/Eclectic) After a move to london in 1964 Keef Hartley served in the Artwoods and John Mayalls Bluesbreakers. In 1968 he formed his own band with Miller Anderson recording a series of regarded albums for Decca. He was often remembered for his "red indian" stage persona. By the time of their performance at woodstock the band had moved in the direction of hard jazz rock and achieved some success with this album now re-issued for the first time on CD Powerful rocking stuff indeed. $19.99

HEAVY BALLOON - 32,000 Pound (Import) Freaked out east coast Folk, acid blues weird psychedelic rock from late '60s USA that is very varied with vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, electric violin etc. Reminiscent of The Flock, Zappa and Beefheart. Definitely stoned....$23.99

HIGH TIDE ("S/T") (1970) (Import/Eclectic) Remastered from the original master tapes w/four unreleased bonus trks. Remastered from the original master tapes w/five unreleased bonus trks. Remaster with 4 bonus tracks of a great album from the brilliant UK progresive psych band that not only grew from the ashes of the Misunderstood - featuring their guitarist Tony Hill- but also included future Hawkwind violinist Simon House. This the second and final album, from 1970, contained three long instrumental tracks loaded with the guitar, organ and electric violin interplay which characterised their debut. This reissue is a fine introduction to one of the seventies more eclectic ensembles. $19.99

HIGH TIDE - Sea Shanties (1969) (Import/Eclectic)    "From beginning to end, Sea Shanties is a mammoth and early UK power trio trip despite the fact they had future Hawkwind keyboardist/violinist, Simon House as a fourth member. But the absolute dementedness of the guitar-based energy field is so high throughout that the goodly amount of the violin and organ passages are practically wiped out. And the guitarist responsible was none other than Tony Hill. Hill pushes his entire guitar into a grinder of wah-wah, fuzz and supreme tearing at its throat distortion in a revolving fever dream kept barely grounded by Pete Pavli's bass and Roger Hadden's explosive Keith Moon-like drum presence, which is everywhere at once effortlessly.    The entire album is track after track of unrelenting, screeching guitar and muscular backing like Sabbath and The Groundhogs joined by Dave Swarbrick during the highlights of a messy methedrine binge. There's an abundance of ever-screeching guitar work from Hill, and his vocabulary of distortion and interplay only surpassed by its volume." $19.99

HIGH TIDE - OPEN SEASON    Final anthology selected by Tony Hill, Pete Pavli and Simon House including unreleased material from '71 til 1990.    $22.99

THE HOLY GHOST RECEPTION COMMITTEE: #9 - The Collected Works (22 trks)Exact reissue of this Christian psych album    from 1967.    Great Christian psychedelic songs that are sure to blow your mind. These boys were going to Catholic High in the late '60s, dropping acid, and listening to The Beatles. The result is cool, intelligent, raw, psychedelic sounds. This is the best example of    what Christian psych can be."    $13.99

HOMESTEAD & WOLFE - OUR TIMES One of the most unknown artifacts that ever came from the American psych-folk land. Originally released in 1975 by TOPO records. This is an official reissue, fully licensed by Ernie Bringas (H&W founder) and Anopheles Records. It has an exact reproduction of the original cover, label, 4-page insert and poster as well as extra triptych insert with bio and photos. Two extra tracks are also included." "Despite being recorded at Gold Star in L.A. and featuring heavy session names such as Hal Blaine and Al Casey, this irresistible femme-vox melodic folk rock/psych delight has remained mysteriously unknown for 30 years. You'll be hard-pressed to find faults with its mix of various late 1960s California styles, ranging from lyte Neighb'rhood Child'n top 40 psych over Carolyn Hester Coalition/Yankee Dollar folk moves into all-out West Coast acid rock a la Ill Wind." --Acid Archives $15.99

HUNGER - Strictly From/The lost Album...(Akarma)    CD version of first album + 6 tracks from the 2nd unreleased "lost album". West Coast psych from the late 60s, previously issued by Belgian collector Philippe Collignon who states "one of the best heavy psych album ever. This Los Angeles based outfit released this only album in '69 and was reissued on vinyl in '83 by Psycho... a lot of spooky and swirling organs, dreamy vocals, psychedelic effects, echoes and astonishing, furious lead guitars..." $13.99

HUREL - 3 HUREL    Masterpiece of Turkish psychedelic delight culled from singles by 3 very talented Hur El brothers, and released in 1972. $18.99

3 HUR-EL - Hurel Arsivi Trippy rock from the three Hurel brothers of Turkey -- a fuzzed-up, freaked-out trio that comes off with some great psychedelic touches! The sound here is a great blending of modes -- similar to some of the other Turkish rock from the time that merged electric guitar with folkloric inspirations -- but the overall Hurel groove is much more strongly progressive, and sometimes slightly funky at times -- due to a tight set of rhythms at the bottom. There's a heaviness here that almost hits Cream-like intensity for the power trio -- save for the fact that the lyrics instantly mark the work as being of non-Anglo origins, as do the eastern shadings in the use of guitar and some of the percussion. $18.99

ICARUS - The Marvel World of Icarus "First-ever official, master tapes reissue of 1972 British psych/prog concept album, allegedly withdrawn at the time due to pressure from Marvel Comics. The full story is told in the lavish 16-page booklet, which also includes previously unpublished photos and band quotes. Five bonus tracks: a U.S.-only single that was an outtake from the LP, the band's 1968 pop-psych debut single and, most impressively of all, both sides of a fantastic unreleased 45 from 1969. This release also doubles as the complete recorded works of one of the most elusive, mysterious bands active during the British psychedelic/progressive era."

INFINITY -CollectedWorks "Legendary UK psych outfit Infinity formed in 1969 from the ashes of 'Chocolate Soup' psych faves the Flies and Cymbaline. The mission: to develop a heavy psychedelic/pop sound, and express it through complex original songs. Thanks to some funky Hammond organ, punchy guitars, and the band's unique harmonies, Infinity was no run of the mill outfit. The good news is that the band left behind the recordings presented on this disc, which can now be enjoyed in the digital format after the passage of more than four decades! Comes with a 24-page booklet which includes band history, photos, and more, printed on FSC recycled, chlorine-free, 100% post-consumer fiber paper manufactured using biogas energy."

ISOLATION - (S/T) (1973) Ultra rare folk-psych group from the UK.    12-string guitar, electric guitar, violin, flute, piano, bass and great vocals...    Reminiscent of UK folk-psych legends Ithaca!!..$23.9

ITHACA - Game For All Who Know (remastered W/3 bonus trks, 14 page booklet and rare photos) (1973) (acme) Ultra rare prog pop rock with fine instrumentals & dreamy female vocals. $15.99

ALAN JACK CIVILIZATION - Bluesy Mind (spalax)(1969) Excelent blues rock! $17.99

GORDON JACKSON - Thinking Back (1969) (Sunbeam) This rare 1969 album (never before available on CD) can almost be called a lost Traffic album. Produced by Dave Mason, it's a melodic distillation of folk, pop, and psychedelia which varies from the Eastern tinged minor key molodies to heavier styled rock. Features the playing talents of Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi, Dave Mason and Chris Wood. Also appearing are Meic Stevens, Reg King,members of the Blossom Toes and others. A true lost classic that now contains 5 bonus tracks and guaranteed to delight. Fully detailed liner notes round off the package. $17.99

JADE - Fly On Strangewings (1970) (Lightning tree) Superb/rare UK folk-rock with electric guitars, fiddles, harpsichords...w/unreleased bonus tracks, US radio adverts and a detailed booklet $20.99

MICHAEL JAMES - Runaway World (1978)(Import/WIS/w/bonus trks) "This album is a great artifact for all '60s and '70s music collectors, original copies in good condition change hands for about 500 U.S. dollars. The spirit of the music is a tasty combination between aggressive fuzz-garage-hard rock and atmospheric psych-folk with moody vocals and a poetic message, comparable to World In Sound's legendary Phantasia or Dr. Hooker. In between perfectly arranged songs like 'You Don't Walk On My Street,' 'I Remember' and the psych-trip 'Sleepers,' you'll hear weird spoken word themes as 'Guatamalan Strange,' 'Electronic Silver' and heavy-riff instrumentals. The album 'Runaway World' was recorded and produced extremely well. This CD-reissue is produced from the original analog master tapes with a 12 p. booklet and 5 bonus tracks, almost 70 minutes playing time. So, look forward to this great album by 'a unique rock artist like none you've heard!'" $21.99

BERT JANSCH - The River Sessions This recording is among the most providential archival discoveries of it's era. If you are a Jansch fan you should rate this as ESSENTIAL for several reasons. The most compelling is that it contains perfectly executed renditions of several Jansch songs drawn from the controversial 'Charisma phase' of Bert's recording career. If you already love Burt Jansch, you'll love this recording. If you don't know Jansch yet, then you'll love him after hearing this. Recorded at the height of his powers, his voice still young and strong, his guitar playing innovative but mature, if this doesn't knock your hat in the creek it must be nailed to your head. This is simply great stuff.

JENGHIZ KAHN - Well Cut (1971) Incredibly rare Belgian heavy psych rock!! $19.99

JEREMY DORMOUSE -(S/T) (The Toad Recordings) (1967) "Legendary Canadian folk/psych rarity from 1967-68. One of the hardest to find album collectibles there is. This recording also features a very young Lynda Squires (Reign Ghost) and many other Canadian folk notables of the day.Original cover art is here as well as liner notes. The master came from the band and sounds great, with male/female throughout. Standout cut for me is 'Believe Me', a folk gem of the day. Also a cool, haunting cover of 'Suzanne' is right there as well. This project is also related to the 'Rejects' LP, another lost Canadian rarity $13.99

JERUSALEM - (ST) (Rockadrome) "The first official reissue of this infamous metallic heavy rock album from 1972 produced by Deep Purple's legendary frontman, Ian Gillan. The music is a menacing combination of over-the-top vocals and screaming lead guitars that could easily pass for something from the early '80s new wave of British heavy metal scene, it's that far ahead of it's time. Originally released on the UK Deram/Decca label, and now a favorite among vinyl collectors, the album is presented here from the original master tapes and also features pre-album demos, alternate mixes and a non-lp single track. The 20-page color booklet contains liner notes written by bassist Paul Dean, lyrics, press clippings and rare photos! A must have for fans of '70s hard rock and also the early '80s NWOBHM sound."

JOHN'S CHILDREN - The Complete (2 CD's) This 2 CD set features a superb collection of A & B sides, radio sessions & assorted rarities from one of the wilder acts of British sixties music. Featuring very early versions of songs Marc Bolan would later record under his own name & as Tyrannosaurus Rex, such as 'Mustang Ford', 'Desdemona' & 'Perfumed Garden Of Gulliver Smith'. Includes the extremely collectable single version of 'Midsummer Night's Scene' (only 25 were ever pressed).

JOSEFUS - Dead Man (196?) (DL Import /TRC/Ltd Ed.) One of the classic early Seventies, intelligent yet utterly wasted, hard acid rock albums. It's a chunk of funk which includes a version of the Stone's "Gimme Shelter", but it's the simultaneously sludge-heavy and melodic, seventeen-and-a-half minute title track that serves very much as a blueprint for other bands to follow. $19.99

JUMBLE LANE - (same) (1971) (background) Rare UK recording = a mixture of folk and jazz into a prog/psych stew $19.99

KALEIDOSCOPE (USA) “Pulsating Dream” (ACAD8059)(3 CDs): One of the few groups of the psychedelic era whose musicianship was equal to their ambition—they delved into every possible musical genre, and invented a couple of their own. On this triple-CD set you can (and should) find everything recorded for Epic Records from 1967 to 1970 by one of the most eclectic bands of the psychedelic era. Yes, you read correctly, this set contains the complete albums “Side Trips” (1967), “Beacon From Mars” (1968), “Incredible Kaleidoscope” (1969), and “Bernice” (1970), plus singles and B-sides! Sometimes—all right, often—there's no justice in the rock world. Kaleidoscope were formed out of the ashes of various jug bands by the brilliant David Lindley. They were so much more daring, playful and genre-splicing than their more successful California contemporaries, which is perhaps why they never had any commercial success. Kaleidoscope were incredible—one minute sounding like the Seeds, the next like the Byrds, and then all of a sudden sounding totally unique and un-classifiable. Some songs are dreamy folk-psych (‘Keep Your Mind Open’); then suddenly you're listening to Middle-Eastern journeys, then you’re back to solid '60s pop, and just as suddenly into rag-time. Every song on 1967's “Side Trips” album could be by a different band—which was no doubt the band’s downfall. Follow the path from Solomon Feldthouse's proto-worldbeat ‘Egyptian Gardens’ through Chris Darrow's psych-folk ‘"Keep Your Mind Open’ to the Cab Calloway and Dock Boggs covers and you'll be hard pressed to find a thread of logic. Even so, it all sounds extraordinarily fresh and thrilling, which is why the band have such a strong cult following today. Includes rarities previously only available on the Epic compilation “Egyptian Candy.” It's all here, down to the crazy psychedelic soul single they did with Larry Williams and Johnny "Guitar" Watson. Well annotated (The liner notes by David Biasotti incorporate new interviews with Stuart Brotman, Chester Crill, Chris Darrow, Solomon Feldthouse, David Lindley, and Frazier Mohawk). Contains plenty of exhilarating psychedelic world fusion highs—rare B-side ‘Rampe, Rampe,’ for instance, is a superb Greek-like instrumental that winds itself up into a frenzy.

KALEIDOSCOPE - TANGERINE DREAM (Repertoire digi pac) w/bonus tracks remastered release with detailed booklet of the paisley classic from the UK kaleidoscope who made this, their debut in 1967. Like Floyds debut this is whimsical, trippy multicoloured ethereal UK psych that captures 1967 perfectly and at the same time has a timeless aura. Features six bonus tracks and full sleeve notes and housed in a beautiful digi with a fully detailed booklet. ESSENTIAL! $19.99

KALEIDOSCOPE / FAIRFIELD PARLOUR - Please Listen To The Picture (circle) (ltd/ #46)    Lavishly packaged (beautiful booklet) w/ BBC sessions & TV pop-psych appearances 2 CDs..$29.99

KAMIJO - Martha (Import/Shadoks) CD version of this album that caused a stir ever since it appeared in Hans Pokora's 3001 book most collectors (including those in Japan) where searching for this album with no luck. So now it's the time to solve another mystery. Martha from 1971 was the first of 3 albums composed by the Japanese artist kamijo. All English lyrics, lots of fuzz guitar, percussion, piano and great vocals. An underground-rock album with folky elements and a west-coast touch. Kamijo is the Mick Stevens of Japan. 5 musicians, 10 great songs $15.99

KENSINGTON MARKET - Aardvark (Import/Pacemaker) Aardvark is a weird and wonderful mini masterpiece in which much of the Kensington Market’s reputation rests. Many of the album’s ideas are fully formed and well thought out. Some of the songs use primitive synthesizer in all the right ways. Aardvark requires a few close listens to sink in but it really is a great Beatles influenced pop album by an underrated band.

KENSINGTON MARKET - Avenue Road (Import/Pacemaker) The Kensington Market were a Toronto band that recorded two albums in the late 60s off the Warner Brothers label. Their first album, Avenue Road appeared in 1968 and was greeted with great acclaim. Avenue Road was a modest effort that was noteworthy for a few reasons, it featured decent pop instincts and solid songwriting.

KHAN - Space Shanty (1972) (Eclectic/UK) w/bonus trks "Space Shanty is notable for being the recorded debut of Steve Hillage, the renowned progressive guitarist. Considering that the band included keyboard virtuoso Dave Stewart, then with Egg, Khan was a one-off with quite a pedigree. The music, which is a bluesier, harder rocking take on the basic Canterbury style, is mostly very good. The work itself is almost entirely composed by Hillage, and demonstrates some similarity to Fish Rising, his first solo album." $19.99

THE KLUBS - Midnight Love Cycle 2001 release. "The vinyl release was Record Collector magazine's Album of the Year for 1999. This CD version adds highlights from a recent Klubs reformation at the Cavern Club plus a batch of early '70s recordings from spin-off bands. Twenty-page booklet with full liners and photos, highly recommended for fans of vintage UK psych."

KNICKERBOCKERS - The Very Best of Lies (Collectibles) 24 tracks! $12.99

KOOBAS - (SAME) (1969) (BGO/UK) w/bonus trks    Reissue of the only album ever recorded by this popular Liverpool quartet who once supported The Beatles, this includes 8 bonus tracks and includes their cover of "The First Cut Is The Deepest"and the brilliant psychedelic monster "Barricades" which is packed full of hallucinatory experimentation and has featured of many a good psychedelic compilation including Rubble..$16.99

ERKIN KORAY - (S/T) (Import/w/8 bonus trks) Absolutely over the top 1973 debut album by Turkish psychedelic guitar guru!!! This is the rarest of all Erkin albums but also the rarest Turkish psych album ever. A total masterpiece and a must have album for any psychedelic head!!! Turkish pressing with 4 bonus tracks and different artwork to the original $18.99

ERKIN KORAY - 2 Superb Turkish psychedelic master with exotic Eastern influences.. $19.99

ERKIN KORAY - Elektronik Turkuler Mind blowing Middle Eastern psych from Turkey (1974) laced with exotic instruments electric and acoustic.    A gem of an album! $19.99

THE LONDONERS / THE KNACK - Complete discography of these 2 bands (Paul Gurvitz & Brian Morris led) 14 mod/beat nuggets (1963 to 67).    $15.99

LOUDEST WHISPER - Maiden of Sorrow (75) (Kissing Spell) Excelent Irish folk rockers!    Similar to Fairport, The Trees, Steeleye Span and Mellow Candle. $21.99

LOVE LIVE LIFE & ONE- Love Will Make A Better You (Import) Really wigged out Japanese psych band from 1971 that subscribed to the "wall of sound" theory. Featuring a flautist and two saxophonists in addition to the usual drums, organ, guitar, piano and bass, Love Will Make a Better You is a rather mixed bag of music, ranging from bluesy psych to free jazz excursions somewhere between Coltrane and Coleman. This wild use of horns and flute lends a very avant/prog aura to the album, particularly if it is viewed as a psych album. In comparison to the grungy, bluesy psych from Japan in the early '70s, Love Live Life + One were actually quite experimental. In fact, though they don't sound like them, I was vaguely reminded of the experimental side of the Soft Machine.

GARRETT LUND - Almost Grown (DL Import/WIS) CD issue of this little known US acid psych killer from 1975 that's somewhere between Kak, Quicksilver and Bob Smith. Fantastic guitar work that swoops and rings like the best Gary Yoder or John Cipploina and a breathtaking production that utilizes orchestration to add to the atmospherics. Very rare as an original! Includes five bonus tracks. $21.99

MAD DOG - Dawn of the Seventh Sun (Import/RD) First commercial release of this album, recorded in 1969. "Monstrous & unreleased at the time heavy/psychedelic/West coast artifact of the highest order. This is one of the five best ever promo only releases to emerge from California. Only released in a quantity of a couple of copies to get a major record deal that never materialized. Three of the songs were used in a low-budget biker flick called Black Angels. The original demo LP had only a plain black label with no kinds of credits. We found this hidden gem looking for unreleased music by the band 'The Zoo' of 'Presents Chocolate Moose' fame. $18.99

MAGIC - Enclosed -Florida-based band released this album in 1969, feat. Nick King, Gary Harger, Duane King & ex-Birdwatchers member Joey Murcia 971. Psychedelic guitars abound on this project!"

MAGIC MIXTURE - THIS IS (1968) UK heavy-psych classic with solo guitar blasts and zonked harmonies, anchored by some thunderous Hammond.    Equal to labelmates The Five Day Week Straw People.. $17.99

MAN “And in the Beginning: The Complete Early Man 1968-69”: This is a straightforward compilation of Man's first and second albums, recorded for Pye records, plus a number of interesting bonus tracks. Each album ("Revelation" and "2oz of plastic with a hole in the middle") is given its own disc, the bonus tracks being appended as appropriate. "Revelations" is a transitional album, where they attempt to metamorphose into something more serious. The band try hard to disguise the underlying pop influences through sound effects and lavish arrangements. The three bonus tracks on disc one are simply mono single mixes of tracks from the album. "2 Ozs. of plastic with a Hole in the Middle" saw the band starting to find their way, with tracks such as ‘Spunk Box (rock)’ and ‘It Is As It Must Be’ demonstrating how Man would increasingly rely on extended jams and strong heavy riffs. “Fans of the slightly more pop-aligned side of psychedelia will prefer the “Revelation” material on disc one, as Man try on several shades of psych for style with both imagination and awkwardness, flitting between heavy blues-rock, operatic backup vocals, West Coast-influenced moody organ-based passages, early space rock, and even an instrumental ‘Erotica’ that sounds like nothing less than the freaked-out soundtrack to a porn movie, complete with quite convincing wordless female moans. On disc two, “2 Ozs. of Plastic With a Hole in the Middle” finds the band moving toward a harder, more progressive style of rock, with lengthy instrumental passages, sometimes with casual similarity to the astral sound of groups like Pink Floyd. It's certainly impressively packaged, and David Wells' excellent liner notes are quite entertaining.” —Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide. In all, a cost effective way to obtain the first two Man albums plus some relevant bonus material. 2xCD
Mary Butterworth - Mary Butterworth Welcome official reissue of one of the rarest and much bootlegged, US late '60s albums. Mixing equal amounts of hard rock, blues, progressive and psychedelic influences, this album was allegedly recorded in less than two hours! This will no doubt become as collectable as the original... US style sleeve.

MASTERS APPRENTICES - From Mustangs To Masters - First Year Apprentices (Import) An Australian exclusive. 22 tracks of previously unreleased material by this legendary '60's Australian band, including 2 original songs, all recorded during a rehearsal session in 1966. The album features 'lost tracks' pre-dating the band's first single. Including a booklet with rare photos and liner notes this is a great quality item. Tracks featured include "Route 66", "Little girl","Wild wild party", "Cops and robbers", "Gloria", "Emptyheart", "Around and around", "Play with fire", "Not fade away" etc.

THE MATADORS - (ST) Their only album with 13 bonus tracks from various EPs, Czech beat to psychedelia, including instrumentals, as well as vocals sung in both Czech and English.    Liner notes have band history, as well as some nice photos. $19.99

McCULLY WORKSHOP - INC. Excellent debut album (the first of four by this South African Group) and a real rarity from 1969. A great album with a Pretty Things meets The Beatles vibe; psych blended with R 'n' B and garage punk tunes. Excellent songs with lovely vocals strong harmonies and super distorted guitar work.

MERKIN - Music from.. It's a really good example of the evolution of psychedelia in the early 70's, a bit like dino valente-era QMS, but more dynamic, with suberb guitar solos. The sound of the CD is excellent. If you like the Wizards from Kansas or Mountain Bus, go for it!

METHUSELAH - Mathew Mark Luke & John (1969) (liz)    Nice late 60's early 70's acid prog rock/pop sound!! $22.99

MOGOLLAR - (S/T) (Import/w/bonus tracks)Incredibly rare second album which does not even appear in their own discography though it was released on Diskotur around 1971. 11 Perfect examples of 'Andalou pop', a mixture of ethnic turkish and western elements. Coming with 8 bonus tracks from singles, (including 2 different heavier versions from their "Danses & rhythms" album). Booklet includes the band history and photos.    $19.99

MOGOLLAR (as LES MOGOL) - Danses et Rhythmesde la Turquie (import) Turkish folk meets fuzzier rock -- in a unique cross-crossing of styles that comes off beautifully! From the cover and the start of the record, you might think it's just a bunch of traditional numbers -- but as the set moves on, things get a bit weirder -- and some unexpected psychedelic instrumentation and production really make things sound great. The vibe is mostly instrumental, with touches that include funky piano, fuzzy guitar, and dark little basslines that slide underneath the tunes and really create a great kind of groove! As with most Turkish albums from the time, there's a sound here that's completely fresh -- and which has a great appeal to both fans of offbeat funk and trippier rock!    $19.99

GARY MOORE - A Different Beat $14.99

MOR - Stations Folk-Rock music from Brittany w/Dan Ar Bras before he joined Alain Stivell.    Excellent Celtic progressive touches    $17.99

MORGEN - Morgen - (S/T) (Import/w/bonus trks) Often referred to as the definitive yardstick for late 1960's US heavy guitar psych, some people rate it as one of the best major label psych LP's ever made. It certainly blows a lot of the other mega rarities away with it's bizarre lyrics, which set an eerie tone to the proceedings ("The nights a crazy shade of purple/the moon's a strange kind of green"). The sound is raw in the best possible way with no compromises to be found, with punky vocals highly original material and acid guitars that won’t quit. It's difficult to imagine anyone into psych not digging this. Two singles (great alternate versions of LP tracks) are included along with a booklet that features all of the lyrics and duplicates the original LP insert. $19.99

MORMOS - Great Wall of China (71) (Spalax/fold out digi pac) Excellent off the wall folk/psych.    fragile, haunting and weird.. plus bonus tracks! $19.99

MOSES - Changes (71) (BR 149) Ultra rare excellent Danish rock with some heavy lead guitar breaks and tons of energy (May Blitzish)!! $20.99

MOTHER TUCKERS YELLOW DUCK - Home Grown Stuff (Can./EMI/) Very hard to find official and very limited reissue of the killer first album by this legendary Candian 60s' psych band with Guess Who connections.    A mixture of West Coast melodic acid rock/pop (similar ro Moby Grape) and rural hippy psych (Quicksilver/Dead).    the album is a gem from start to finish.    Awesome sound quality and original artwork! $21.99

NAMELOSERS “Fabulous Sounds From Southern Sweden”: “Swedish beat produced to absolute perfection— a complete collection of 7", flexi and unreleased tracks from Sweden's leading proponents of wild beat, recorded 1964-1966. Sure, they shared a set list of R&B material with a thousand other mop-tops, but with the addition of a home-built fuzz-box, some jackhammer drumming and the emphatic hand of producer Urban Lasson, the result was the unleashing of raw snarl. Great sound quality throughout, with pictures and liner notes by bandleader Tommy Hansson.”

NEON PEARL - 1967 Recordings (Acme) From master tapes w/bonus tracks of top notch floating underground psych with organ and harmonium (members of Please and The Flies)!!    $15.99

BILLY NICHOLLS “Forever’s No Time At All: The Anthology 1967-2004” (CMEDD1120) (2 CDs): While still in his teens, Billy Nicholls recorded one of the more sought-after rarities of British psychedelic pop, "Would You Believe," for the Immediate label (Nicholls' vocals were spruced up with plenty of vocal harmonies and orchestral-depth layers of guitars and keyboards, with contributions from members of the Small Faces, future Humble Pie drummer Jerry Shirley, and top session musicians like Nicky Hopkins, John Paul Jones, and Big Jim Sullivan). Nicholls was one of the most Beach Boys-influenced British singer/songwriters, and "Would You Believe" often recalled the Pet Sounds/SMiLE period in its melodic construction and ornate production. The album understandably betrayed greater traces of late-'60s British psychedelia than the Beach Boys' efforts did; it would be hasty to put Nicholls on the same level as Brian Wilson, as "Would You Believe" ultimately displayed more promise than pure genius. Nonetheless, that promise was considerable, and it is a shame that the album was essentially unreleased after it was finished in 1968 (although a few dozen promotional copies went out). Having said all that, the collected works of Billy Nicholls may well prove essential listening, not just for his fans—although the entire “Would You Believe” album, complete with outtakes, is present on the first half of the first disc of this set—but also for admirers of Pete Townsend, who produced and recorded Nicholls during the 1970s. That work is also here, and if it isn't quite as ornate and flowery as Nicholls' 1960s work, it also compares favorably with the music that the Who was putting out circa 1974. All that and more, as they say, since this package is augmented by tracks off of the previously released compilation “Penumbra Moon,” which is gorgeous in its own right as singer/songwriter-style material. A terrific anthology.

NOSTRADAMOS - (S/T) (Import) "Only record from short-lived Greek folk/rock band, first released on Zodiac in 1972. As the booklet text says,'they made one record, being a quiet record, where the beautiful woman's voice of Despina Glezou makes a transparent impression, in songs which integrate Greek song styles into the elements of American rock and pop music. There are delicate parts, there are groovy parts -- but throughout the album there is a wonderful and a standardized impression. The melodies overflow. The wind that blows is an agreeable one. Other than guitar, bass and drums, there is violin and Hammond, the flute and something that sounds like French horn. It seems like pathos, it seems like folk rock, it seems that what we can all like is in all the band's pop songs. Whatever you like, maybe you don't stop wanting to hear this strange record. You can hear it now with sufficiently good sound, with the delicate nuance in evidence. It is transmitted.' Brief band history and discography included." $19.99

NOVEMBER - En Ny Tid Ar Har- (70) (sonet) Excellent classic 1st album by Swedish power blues rock trio! One of the best Scand. heavy prog rock albums $17.99

OCTOPUS - Restless Night (w/bonus trks) (UK/Rev Ola)Monster 1971 UK psych pop progressive artefact. Above average pop rock rarity with tints of pyschedelia. Opener "The River" has some prime fuzz guitar to get your teeth into while elsewhere there is a fair whack of swirly organ sounds to massage your cranium. Features the awesome "Tide" the best song the group ever produced and the original closer of the album. Contains 10 bonus tracks and expanded fold out booklet. $17.99

ODYSSEY - Setting Forth (1969) (Lion)Here is a quintessential dose of New York sixties psychedelia, with strong harmonic vocals, heavy swirling organ, and fuzz guitar riffs of the greatest ferocity. Finally, their lone album,one of the ten rarest and most sought after US psychedelic albums is available again: painstakingly remastered, repackaged, and ready for true psych fans to devour. This is truly one of the cornerstones of underground psychedelic music, recorded in 1969, released in an edition of fewer than 100 copies, and impossible to find as it only came in a plain white cardboard sleeve. An album that jumps right out of the speakers at you, from it’s opening "In-a-gadda-da-vida" riffs right to the very end. Twelve-page booklet has part one of a band history by odyssey leader Vinny Kusy, as well as rare photos from his own archive. $15.99

OFEGE - “Try And Love” "The first release from Brooklyn NY's Academy Records re-issue label Academy LPs. The mega rare and unbelievably great African psychedelic full length by Ofege would set anyone back some serious cash even in the pre-hard times era of today and we won't even get into the condition of African LPs! Ofege were all high school students who cut this record with some lead guitar help from Mr. Berkley Jones (Guitarist of Blo) so there's some heavy duty fuzz damage throughout the record. This pushes all the right buttons all the time. Perfect. Ofege recorded this LP while still in high school in Nigeria in 1973, and with its sweet harmonies, wailing fuzz guitar and virtuoso drumming, it quickly became a classic of the Afro-rock genre. Mastered by Tim Warren from the best possible sources, ‘Try And Love’ is available for the first time in over 35 years, officially licensed and lovingly pressed."

ORIENTAL SUNSHINE - DEDICATED TO THE BIRD WE LOVE (1970) Norway sitar gentle psych with beautiful melodies, thoughtful lyrics and immaculate instrumentation to hypnotic effect...    $17.99

THE OUTSPOKEN BLUES - (ST) (Import) "Any true '60's garage maniac should already be hip to The Outspoken Blues' monster '60's garage track 'Not Right Now' via Back From The Grave, Volume 8, as well as The Bryds' 'Your Lies' via Back From The Grave, Volume 6. Now, on this historic and completely official 17-track CD, the full musical output and story behind those legendary Chicago '60's garage bands is finally told. The compilation kicks off with both sides from The Outspoken Blues' ultra-rare and killer $5,000 single of 'Not Right Now' b/w 'Mister You're A Better Man Than I' that single is followed by 11 fabulous and never-before-released 1967 garage/r&b tracks from The Outspoken Blues' unreleased album, including seven originals and five covers. Also featured are two great and previously unreleased 1968 garage tracks that were recorded under the moniker of The Prod. As a final bonus, the CD is rounded out in great fashion with both tracks from The Bryds' super rare and fantastic 1965 teen garage 45, 'Your Lies' b/w 'Why Did You Have To Break My Heart', penned by The Outspoken Blues' main songwriter and part lead-vocalist Robert Stanley."

OZ DAYS LIVE - (2 CD'S) Super-rare 1973 2 CD set commemorating 'the 'Oz Days' benefit festival for the owner of Tokyo's legendary Oz Rock Cafe. Without a single doubt, this is one of the holy grails of the Japanese early seventies lysergic psych scene, together with Speed Glue & Shinki, Sato Masahiko & Soundbreakers and People/Ceremony. Privately released in a tiny edition on the Oz Records label way back in 1973.

PAPA BEARS MEDICINE SHOW - Live At the Retinal Circus (1968) (Import) First time on CD for this legendary band that existed from 1967-1969. Their only album was actually a bootleg, made in 1970 in an edition of 105 copies. This is different material entirely from that original album, recorded in 1968 in Vancouver's main psychedelic venue, the Retinal Circus. Good soundboard sound and music in the vein of the Doors, Lovin' Spoonful with a touch of old timely music thrown in. A homemade looking CD that will be as rare as rare as the original album, someday! $18.99

A PASSING FANCY (ST) (Import/Lion) "Revised and expanded version of the much beloved Canadian pop-psych album by A Passing Fancy! Tough garage rock (lead track 'I'm Losing Tonight'); beat music influence (singles tracks 'A Passing Fancy,' 'You're Going Out Of Your Mind,' and 'She Phoned'); sunshine pop ('I Believe in Sunshine'); songs with a social conscience (the discursive 'Spread Out'); and a great acid rock meltdown ('Your Trip'). These same delays also left us ample opportunity to uncover what had become of the various band members. A bit of searching led us to A Passing Fancy lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and primary song-writer Jay Telfer. He supplied a band history and lyrics for all the songs to round out this revamped edition."

PEANUT BUTTER CONSPIRACY - Spreading From the Ashes (UK/Big Beat) One of the legendary 'food bands' of the late 60s acid boom (alongside Strawberry Alarm Clock, Electric Prunes, Chocolate Watch Band, Lemon Pipers, Vanilla Fudge etc) the Conspiracy sprang from the same folk rock roots as their contemporaries Jefferson Airplane (with whom they shared a drummer, Spencer Dryden) under the name of the Ashes, hence the title of this fine 26-track compilation. It's a great set of previously unreleased PBC demos and outtakes including tracks by The Ashes. Compiled with the full cooperation of the band, and laden with pix and scribblings from the era, this is a West Coast psych-lovers' technicolor dream. $17.99

PENTWATER - (ST) May well be the best progressive rock band whose name you have never heard. They formed in 1968, from several local Chicago rock and blues bands (Liquid Tension, Crystal Ship, Cranberry Rose, and The Oceanna County Pioneer's and Business Man's Band). Early in their career (while the band-members were only 16 to 18 years old), Chicago-based Dharma Records signed them to a four record deal—but the label went bankrupt before recording could begin. Over the years, the band toured with Rush, Hawkwind, and many others. Their first album, (self-titled), was released in 1977, and leaned to the commercial side of Prog; (as much as they could muster themselves to do), while still providing sweeping mellotron, cutting synth, and a twin-lead guitar style that was to become their signature. Today this collectible LP brings hundreds at auction; the band released this remastered version on CD, with four additional never-heard tracks as bonus.

LINDA PERHACS - Parallelograms (1970) (w/bonus tracks) Wonderous 1970 album by this cult American hippy lady. Laden with beautiful psychedelic folk music the album is structured around Linda's amazing voice andfeatures an assortment of electric and acousticinstruments and various studio effects. In all, it's a tour-de force of beautifully sung, played and arranged songs with a mystical other worldly atmosphere. The tripped out "Parallelograms" is worth the price of entry alone. Includes bonustracks too! $15.99

PINK FAIRIES - What A Bunch of Sweeties (from original mater tapes plus bonus tracks) (UK) 1972 album of Stoned UK acid / dope / mushroom rock. Acclaimed as a milestone of the genre at the time. Hawkwind associated band ultimate rock 'n' roll freakout mayhem with the trippy "I went Up, I went Down" being a highlight....Long haired mayhem and great value for money! $17.99

THE PLASTIC CLOUD - (S/T) (Pacemaker) Quite simply, one of the greatest psychedelic albums ever made. This 1968 Canadian release is one hip album, full of catchy melodies and hippie harmonies, as well as some of the most superb (and trippiest) fuzz guitar ever recorded. There is no point singling out a specific track, they are all excellent- although the eight-minute closer 'Imagination Machine' might just be the one.Housed in a jewel case this OFFICIAL version includes a 20 page booklet.$15.99

POE - Up Through the Spiral (1971) + 26 bonus trks. Up Through The Spiral, is a stunning psych concept album recorded in 1971 by a Texan band and inspired by the philosophy and dreams of Edgar Cayce. From the heavy psych of "Tune In", to the years ahead of it's time weirdness of "Automatic Writing" poe's Up Through The Spiral will have you scratching your brain in amazement at this truly diverse soft and heavy psychedelic trip. Moving from acoustic material through Beatlesque psych pop to full on heavy acid rock (reminiscent of Captain Beyond) this album is hard to pin down but easy to enjoy. The CD also contains all 14 songs released between 1965 and 1970 by the bands earlier incarnation The PLAYBOYS OF EDINBURG. $17.99

POOBAH - Steamroller (Monster label) This 1979 release is is clearly a hard rock classic that has gone un-noticed in recent years. It's a mixture of late 70's metal (Riot, The Godz etc) and some late 70´s Psychedelic Rock like Randy Hansen and Frank Marino.This re-issue has one bonus non-LP studio out-take and 4 bonus live tracks from 1979. The entire recording is remastered from the original tapes and includes fully detailed liner notes. $14.99

DAVID PRITCHARD - Nocturnal Eathworm Stew (197?) (Import/Pacemaker) "An incredible pioneering electronic album recorded in the early 1970's, from the first Canadian artist signed to Island Records. Serious headphone music made under the influence of Stockhausen, John Cage, Ornette Coleman, Stravinsky, Frank Zappa, Weather Report, Charles Ives and others -- and with a sound that's often compared to that of early Eno and the first two Kraftwerk albums. Indefinable compositions integrate the earliest of portable synthesizers (ARP 2600 and EMS AKS) with acoustic instruments (violin, cello, dulcimer, electric violin, electric guitar), found sounds (short-wave radio transmissions and a summer thunderstorm) and random objects (instant coffee jar, scissors, chopsticks, among others) -- they also have special contributions from Nash the Slash (a.k.a. Jeff Plewman) and Martin Deller of famed Canadian band FM. Sixteen-page booklet has an abundance of photos, track by track information, and the odd history of these
seminal recordings told by David Pritchard himself. Includes four bonus tracks not on the original 1976 Island LP release." $15.99

PROBE - Direction (Import) From Rockford, Illinois, this band released an extremely rare album on thier own label.    It contains eight tracks.    They are mostly hard rock, although some of the songs are blues-tinged.    Among them are a cover of Steve Miller's Living in the USA...$16.99

Rockadrome - Royal American 20th Century Blues Super rare Canadian '60s garage psych pop album. This was issued as a shitty black and white boot in the '80s. Here it is in perfect quality from the masters. The album sounds like a mixture of Moby Grape and the Monkees which can't be bad.

ROGER RODIER - Upon Velveatur (1972) (UK/Sunbeam) CD re-issue with 5 bonus tracks of this super rare Canadian loner folk album from 1972 with beautiful sweeping orchestration and some tasty West Coast guitar breaks. With a feel that recalls Nick Drake, Duncan Browne or early Magna Carta with Axelrod-style arrangements and a fragile, haunted quality, this lost gem has to be heard to be believed. $17.99

ROWAN BROTHERS “S/T” (ACA8038): the Rowan Brothers' eponymous debut (Columbia, 1972) arrived with a great deal of hype, including an ad featuring a quote from Jerry Garcia in which he stated that Chris and Lorin Rowan "could be like the Beatles. They're that good." This almost Moby Grape-esque level of over-promotion was drawn from a Rolling Stone interview with Garcia, in which the following exhange occurred: Q. (Rolling Stone) What new things have you heard, other groups, other sounds? A. (Jerry Garcia) I'll tell you what I've heard lately that I really like a lot, these two kids in Stinson Beach, the Rowan Brothers, Chris and Lorin Rowan. It's fantastic. Their music is just sparkly, brand-new shiny. That's like the latest turn on for me. They're super, and they're right at the point of just starting out and nobody knows about them They could be like the Beatles. They're that good. Their music is that good.” Produced by Bill Wolf and David Grisman (credited as David Diadem), the duo’s debut is a mix of country-rock, folk, and pop tunes with cosmic ("the universe is nothing but a fantasy/of life's illusions throughout eternity") and hippie ("we'll put on our costumes, bring the music along/come on friends we'll sing a happy song") underpinnings. Although they may lack lyrical muscle, Chris and Lorin are capable of pleasant, catchy tunes that can be light and spirited or lush and pretty. Ignored at the time, The Rowan Brothers is another nearly forgotten relic from the late-'60s and early-'70s San Francisco music scene rescued from permanent obscurity. As a completely irrelevant side-note, third Rowan brother Peter’s career stretches back to the 1960's with Elektra recording artists Earth Opera, followed by a stint with Seatrain and greater consequence as one of Jerry Garcia's Old And In The Way.

ST. LOUIS HOUNDS - The Third Pavlov's Dog (Import) $17.99

SAINT STEVEN - (S/T) The Bastich (UK/Eclectic) w/bonus trks This reissue has been awaited for many years! Featuring Steve Cataldo (ex-Front Page Review), and an uncredited Steve Morgen (who made the legendary Morgen album) this great psychedelic album from 1969, is a US acid rock masterpiece. Superb acid lead guitar and chunky fuzz weave through its tripped out weirdness, with effects a plenty and melodic vocals. This remastered re-issue features 2 bonus tracks and sleeve notes by Steve Cataldo. Grade "A" stuff!NOW A DELETED ECLECTIC TITLE THESE ARE THE LAST COPIES OF THIS CLASSIC CD. $19.99

MASAHIKO SATOH & SOUNDBREAKERS "Amalgamation" (Import)Number seven on the Japrocksampler Top 50. This preposterous piece of psychedelic avant-jazz sounds like the work of aliens, each with only one foot in our universe. Propelled by cacophonous brassy blasts, volleys of machine-gunning, ecstatically 'Light Fantastic' rhythms and moments of Teo Macero-style 'Mixing Concrète'(during which the whole track becomes consumed by waves of new sound); the result is the most singular mash-up of inappropriate sounds any listener is ever likely to hear.

SHIVER - Walpurgis /Cult Swiss underground 60's legends with wide range of psych/prog styles! $19.99

SHUTTAH - The Image maker Vol 1 & 2 (2 CDs) (Import/Shadoks) Double CD containing the only known recording by this unknown UK progressive rock band that survived as an acetate. Funky, atmospheric concept based progressive rock from 1971 with swathes of heavy keyboards, harpsichord, bass, guitar and melodic vocals that at times sounds like Home's "Alchemist" epic. What distinguishes this album is the top quality production and fully detailed booklet and it all adds up to one stunning reissue. $19.99

SIMON FINN - Pass the Distance (1970) "The official legit re-issue of this incredibly rare dark acid folk masterpiece, originally released in England on the legendary Mushroom label in 1970, has been remastered from the original two-track tapes. Four extra tracks, including the never-released seven-inch single of which only a solitary acetate remains, are also included on this 54-minute CD. The 20-page booklet, with full-color cover reproduction of the original artwork, contains all the lyrics to the album, photographs of the musicians, and extensive liner notes by Simon Finn, David Toop (who also plays on the album), Vic Keary of Mushroom Records, and David Tibet of Current 93. Tibet cites this album as one of his 10 top records of all time." $14.99

SKID ROW “Skid Row” + “34 Hours” (ACA8126): Both Skid Row LPs (the Irish band, not the US hair band) on one disc, featuring the guitar talent of a young Gary Moore—the only recorded testament of a band described at the time as the only serious competition to Rory Gallagher's Taste, if that means something to you. At the end of the 1960’s, Skid Row went to London to become an important part of the British blues boom. A couple of singles made the charts on a minor level (bluesy neo-psychedelic slabs of hard rock), which led to a contract with CBS. Skid Row went into the studio and took a mere eleven hours to produce their debut album, “Skid” (1970), a strange but fascinating mixture of raw blues and progressive jazz rock, with tribal undertones. Skid Row quickly became a band with a strong, loyal following, which resulted in much touring of Europe and the USA. In between tours, they released their second and last album, "34 Hours" in 1971. Indeed, they only needed 34 hours to create this little masterpiece. Brush Shiels used his bass as a melody instrument, inspired by the jazz sounds of Dave Brubeck and Oscar Peterson. On the other hand, Gary Moore was definitely bringing forth the hard rock influences, using such modern technological achievements as wah-wah tricks and reaction coupling. The music of "34 Hours" was completely different from that of the debut. There were many creative of changes in pace and musical style. At this point, Skid Row seemed to be on their way to the top, but during their preparations for the third US tour, Gary Moore decided quit the band and go solo.

SKIN ALLEY “Bad Words and Evil People: the Transatlantic Anthology 1972-73” (CMDDD1257) (2 CDs): “After a strong showing in the early '70s, Skin Alley drastically changed their lineup (and shifted their musical gears a bit) for their final two albums, 1972's Two Quid Deal and 1973's Skintight. There was still a strong prog rock base to their songwriting, but their folk and rock tendencies came to the fore on these two records more than ever before. Their deft instrumental technique screamed "prog," but never overshadowed the songs with unnecessary noodling or overt showings of musical dexterity. And that's the thing -- there are "songs" here. With most of the tunes clocking in under the four-minute mark, there's no room for overindulgence. The arrangements are concise and even the instrumental numbers show a deliberately sophisticated restraint. Tales from Topographic Oceans, this is not. In packaging these two fine albums together (along with two bonus singles), Castle Music has one-bettered the bootleg "greatest-hits" collections by offering an undisturbed and complete picture of what was certainly Skin Alley's most polished period. A boon for fans who have coveted the rare vinyl pressings (the Stax-released Skintight being scarily collectable), Bad Words and Evil People: The Transatlantic Anthology 1972-73 is a collector's dream package and, for those taking their first tentative steps into the genre, a great place to enter the world of prog rock without fear of being suffocated by mystical dragons and epic guitar wankery.”

SKIP BIFFERTY - (S/T) (20 tracks) (UK Import/Acme) "The official legit re-issue of this incredibly rare dark acid folk masterpiece, originally released in England on the legendary Mushroom label in 1970, this has extra tracks!$17.99

SOFT MACHINE - VOLUME 2 Turns On, Vol. 2 focuses on two live recordings at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, December 10, 1967, and the Col Ballroom in Iowa, August 11, 1968. these tapes represent the only examples of the Soft Machine's early concerts, especially during their short stint as a trio (after guitarist Daevid Allen was refused re-entry in England and settled in Paris). There is a lot to love about this CD from a die-hard fan point of view, and a lot to complain about from the casual listener's. Sound is compressed, distorted, blurry; low frequencies go nuts, the bass guitar and organ drown any attempts at vocals. Yet Turns On, Vol. 2 contains a wonderful, lengthy version of "I Should've Known" (13 minutes) and early compositions by Robert Wyatt and Mike Ratledge that would later be integrated to "Moon in June" and "Esther's Nose Job." All the ingredients of the vintage Soft Machine are there for the taking, if one is willing to overcome the audio shortcomings. The group (Wyatt, Ratledge, Kevin Ayers) is moving deeper into psychedelia in these recordings, leaving their pop side behind Even with a lesser sound quality, this volume remains more satisfying than the first.

SONS OF CHAMPLIN “The Ariola Years” (ACAD8172): The thrust of the psychedelic era was waning but the Sons Of Champlin continued to scuffle, playing clubs up and down the west coast and making really good records. Their live performances were great. As Mickey Hart said, "They were breathing fire!" Playing small clubs was (and is) a hard way to earn a living, let alone make a mark in the recording industry. Even though they were known as great musicians and made great records, the Sons just never intersected with anything resembling a commercial success. This compilation finally completes the Sons' studio catalog on CD, as it includes ‘The Sons of Champlin,” “A Circle Filled With Love,” and “Loving is Why.” The first of these three is a 1975 private recording for which Ariola eventually bought the rights. Then comes 1976's "Circle Filled With Love" and "Loving Is Why" from 1977. Champlin eventually moved to LA and released two solo efforts, "Single" in 1978 and "Runaway" in 1981, before joining Chicago. His solo recordings tell the story of this "favorite son's" escape. But before all that, there were the Sons, a great band with great songs. (UPC: 0805772817227)

SORROWS “Take a Heart” (CMDDD1290) (2 CDs): If it weren't for The Creation, The Sorrows might just claim the biggest gap between quality of catalog and dearth of fame. Unlike The Creation, who had a small measure of acclaim in their native UK (and bona fide stardom in Germany), the beat-era Sorrows barely even dented their home chart. In place of The Creation's brashness, The Sorrows were pure beat era, mixing the danceable modness of the Kinks with the R&B muscle of The Pretty Things and Who. The band's catalog is filled with great Mod and R&B-tinged stompers and ballads, with start/stop rhythms, riffing guitars, pounding drums, strong harmonies and Don Maughn's gritty vocals (he would later change his name to Don Fardon and hit in the UK with ‘Indian Reservation’ before The Raiders got to it). Tunes like ‘Come With Me’ are the epitome of waltz-time Swinging England harmony pop—think of Sidney Poitier dancing to The Mindbenders' in the film "To Sir With Love" and you'll have a good idea. This two disc set includes the band's one and only LP, "Take a Heart" (in both mono and stereo) along with bonus singles, previously unreleased tracks, alternate takes, and a handful of sides from their latter-day residency in Italy. The Italian tracks translate the lyrics of a few songs from the album, and stretch into heavier freakbeat/psych sounds. Like The Creation, it's hard to imagine this band not having been major players at the time; luckily this CD set revisits the hits that should've been! All songs rock with extreme intensity and literally beat away most other claims to the Freakbeat crown (including American bands). Buy it immediately and be thankful that you found out about The Sorrows.

SOULS OF INSPYRATION - (ST) (1970) (Can/Pacemaker) Excellent Canadaian psych/prog rock w/long keyboard dominated tracks!! $15.99

SPIROGYRA “A Canterbury Tale” (Complete Works 1971-1973) (CMQDD1258)(2 CDs): the entire output of this cult progressive acid/folk act (not to be confused with the jazz fusion ensemble of the same name)—all three albums plus a rare single and four previously unreleased outtakes—gathered together into a very nice double CD package. Includes such rare, strange and beautiful highlights as 'Magical Mary' 'Cogwheels, Crutches And Cyanide' 'The Duke of Beaufoot' 'Dangerous Dave' 'A Canterbury Tale' (a paean to their home town) 'Old Boot Wine' 'Spiggly' and the epic-length 'In The Western World.’ Martin Cockerham (vocals/guitar) and Mark Francis originally formed Spirogyra as a duo in Bolton, Lancashire in the summer of 1967. When Martin went to the University of Kent at Canterbury in 1969, he expanded the band to include fellow students Barbara Gaskin (vocals), Steve Borrill (bass guitar), and Julian Cusack (violin). They were soon spotted by student union entertainments officer Max Hole, who offered to manage them and got them a recording contract with B&C Records. Their debut album, “St. Radigunds,” was named after the street that their student house was on. It established them as a cult act on the underground club circuit, and sold respectably. Its follow-up, 1972's Old Boot Wine,” appeared on Peg Records and showcased a harder-edged sound than their predominantly acoustic debut. After the release of “Old Boot Wine,” the band was pared back to the duo of Cockerham and Gaskin, who were by now romantically involved. Their final album, “Bells, Boots and Shambles,” appeared on Polydor in April 1973 and sold very poorly. Widely regarded today as one of the classics of British 'acid folk', it featured guest appearances from the band's former members, as well as contributions from Henry Lowther on trumpet. Copies of all three albums are rare and expensive today, with “Bells, Boots and Shambles” almost impossible to acquire. All three also appeared on Brain Records in Germany, with gatefold sleeves (unlike their UK counterparts).
SPOT - Spot An early seventies Swiss offering that showcases some fine heavy rock with a blues tinge and some excellent guitar playing. Includes versions of Donovan's "Jersey Thursday" and a particularly manic "Sabre Dance". Classic rock.

SPRIGUNS - Revel Weird and Wild (1976) (UK/Acme) During her career, Morton released six albums intotal, including two for Decca under the name of Spriguns. Acme presents the first non-Japanese reissue of the first two albums by this legendary band,formats are 24- bit digital re-masters,taken from the original tapes. Perhaps not quite as rare as Mellow Candle's sole Decca LP; even so, both Spriguns albums are in the same league musically as that of their Irish label-mates.Both CDs come complete with a superb bookletfeaturing anecdotes about the recording of the albums from Mandy    Morton herself, along with previously unseen photographs from the recording sessions. Two superb and often overlooked major label folk rock classics, now available at an affordable price. Morton's voice is lovely and captivating, the songs lilting and Celtic-ish if this is a sound you like, these albums are for you! $20.99

SPRIGUNS - Time Will Pass (1977) (UK/ Acme) Official reissue of rare second album by this UK folk rock band formerly known as Spriguns Of Tolgus. Featuring the impressive vocals of Mandy Morton, this 1977 release is a wonderful rustic album with lush orchestration, male/female vocals, guitar and violin to the fore. A UK electric folk rock classic.Fully detailed booklet.This is one superb UK folk rock album!$20.99

STACK - Above All "Stack" has the misfortune to remain an obscure forgotten band from California - they played honest acid/hard rock - very much alike to "Blue Cheer" fortified with a very strong dose of psychedelia and excursions into blues. I like the album. I liked the way the tapes were re-mastered. I am sure you'll enjoy the leaflet - an impressive collection of nostalgic posters from the 60s (those were the days!)

STEAMHAMMER - Speech (1972) (Akarma) Speech’ contains just three long tracks, and is progressive rock but very much of the underground variety. It stretches out into dark space and at times hits metal territory in a unique way that blows me away each and every time. Much of it sounds as though played out over some remote, icy Nordic waste under ageless permanent night." $16.99

LEIGH STEPHENS - Red Weather (Import/Akarma) Early seventies solo album from the ex-Blue Cheer guitarist with a West Coast feel. Fairly heavy, bluesy and slightly psychy, this features contributions from Pete Sears (ex-Les Fleur de Lys and future Jefferson Starship member) and Mick Waller. $19.99

STROLLERS - WAITING IS... "Amazing obscure Malaysian band with one of the best psychedelic albums ever recorded in Asia (sung in English)    From full-blown heavy psych with killer organ, guitar & flute to amazing UK late '60s styled pop-psych and some funky & proggy moments."    $19.99

SUCK - TIME TO SUCK (1971) (Fresh) Official release of this rare South African hard rock album with wild guitars and screaming vocals.    Excellent booklet! $19.99

T2 - It'll All Work Out In Boomland Remastered version of this genuine masterpiece. Up there with Caravan's 3rd album, King Crimson's 1st and Fantasy's 2nd, this is an amazing progressive psyche rock album with killer guitar work, vocal harmonies, orchestration, etc. etc. Not a duff song and an album to explore over and over again. Originals of this sole release by T2 from the early '70s are worth a fortune. Features extra BBC sessions.

T2 - T2 Here's a CD re- issue of this album of previously unreleased material by T2 . Planned as the outline of the bands second album, this set of recordings was rediscovered on pristine acetates. They are packed full of excellent progressive rock work-outs yet unfortunately the band split up before the album was completed.... If you love "It'll All Work Out in Boomland" then this is a must.

THEM - Now and Them (REV)    (1968)    Classic garage psych album with rare single mixes (8 bonus tracks), all from the original masters.    Great sleeve notes!    $17.99

THEM - Time Out! Time In For Them (1968) (Import/Rev/w/bonus trks) Released in 1968 this is the second release by them after the departure of Van Morrison and the bands relocation to California. The band had really started to incorporate the best that the West Coast scene had to offer and the album shows this to good effect, with sitars and loads of trippy effects. The CD contains bonus non LP singles in the original mono. Fully detailed booklet is included within the package. Highly recommended!! $17.99

THIRD POWER - Believe (1970) (Import/Akarma) This trio from Michigan recorded this album in 1970 and it's a triumph of spaced psychedelic heavy rock - sort of a cross between later Hendrix and Blue Cheer with flashes of liquid acid guitar and head melting bass rhythms.    Beautifully melodic vocal harmonies crown a spliffing good album... $18.99

THORS HAMMER - (ST) Scandinavian (?) Similar to Burnin' Red Ivanhoe w/jazzy style of bands like Traffic, also frequently augmented by organ and electric guitar.. $19.99

TITUS GROAN - (ST) Excellent UK early '70s progressive jazzy rock with 3 bonus tracks.    $19.99

TOMORROW - (ST) Mid-line reissue of this classic UK flower-psych album from 1968. It includes a high quality digital remaster of the original 11 LP tracks, five bonus tracks from the LP sessions (alternate takes and two new, previously unreleased tracks), three tracks by the pre-Tomorrow Aquarian Age (Twink & Junior, including the stunning "10,000 Words in a Cardboard Box," later revised on Think Pink) and four Keith West solo tracks (including Steve Howe). Tomorrow were: Keith West (vocals), Steve Howe, (guitar, pre-Yes), Junior (bass) and Twink (drums, pre-Pink Fairies). "Tomorrow's only album, a psych-pop classic released a few months too late in early 1968, is here expanded to double length. 'Auntie's Dress Shop,' 'Colonel Brown,' 'Real Life Permanent Dream' remain classic examples of English psych's high-water mark, while 'My White Bicycle' was simply an inexplicable flop. 'Now Your Time Has Come' suggest that Tomorrow could have gone on to greater things if they hadn't fallen apart so soon...a period delight fit to sit in-between The Move and Piper At The Gates of Dawn."

PHIL TRAINER - (S/T) (Import/UM) A US folk-rock singer-songwriter.    He released his first album when in the UK, with backing by members of UK folk group Trees.    It was originally released in 1972 and it is rated as a world classic of the genre by many.    Some good fiddle, piano, electric guitar... now finally on CD, and has a booklet with lyrics.    $19.99

TROYKA - (same) (1970) Excellent Canadian guitar driven heavy prog rock often compared to Gun and Warpig this is a good find for any guitar freak! $20.99

TRUCK - (S/T) (Import/Guer) Limited reissue CD of the sole album by this mysterious early 70s band from Malaysia. It was featured in the last Hans Pokora '' Collector Dreams'' book, causing a big stir in the psych collecting circles, as original copies are nowhere to be found.This is a real popsike gem with ultra melodic & catchy English Beatlesque vocals, totally UK Psych late sixties atmosphere featuring awesome songwriting, great studio arrangements, moody orchestrations, fuzz and wah- wah guitar and great use of electric piano, keyboards & weird analog synth- Moog which gives the album a wonderful unique vibe. A must for all people into the more melodic psych-pop sounds: think We All Together, A erovons, Kaleidoscope UK, Fairlfield Parlour, Gary Walker & The Rain, hype here, only top-level stuff!!! Fully remastered sound, housed in jewelcase and outer carton slipcase. $20.99

TRUTH AND JANEY - No Rest For the Wicked "Brand new reissue of their classic 1976 heavy rock power trio album and underground collectable record featuring 4 bonus tracks! Chock full of powerful '70s guitar riffs courtesy of BillyLee Janey! Includes 16-page full color booklet with liner notes, photos and lyrics! A must-have release for any fans of '70s hard rock and groups like Budgie, Cactus, Bloodrock, Poobah, Cain, Buffalo, Granicus, Toad, etc."

Truth And Janey - Erupts! Absolutly crushing live recordings from 1976 by one of the midwest's heaviest power trios of all time. This features all the material from their rare double live LP + 40 minutes of never before released/heard live recordings. Tune in and hear Billy Lee Janey, heavily inspired by Jeff Beck, Hendrix and the blues, take his '64 Gibson Firebird to new heights of heavy wailing godliness. A raw, loud, screaming trip back in time to 1976.

TWENTIETH CENTURY ZOO - Thunder On A Clear Day (196-) (Sundazed) (w/bonus trks) Classic late '60s US psych rarity with great heavy acid psych with fuzz guitars and spaced effects all over the place. Tracks such as "Rainbow" and "It's All In My Head" are essential U.S. psych!! $15.99

UFO- 1 Great late '60's UK progressive acid rock back when band still had blues influences & lots of freaked out acid guitar! $17.99

UFO- The Best of (UK/EMI) $15.99

THE UGLY DUCKLINGS - Too Much Too Soon Official compilation from one of the top Canadian garage bands from the late sixties with all the best tracks from their album and singles. Punky psychedelia from Toronto and allegedly Mick Jagger's favourite Canadian band.... Cool stuff. $15.99

ULTRA "S/T": "Classic Texas-style, bad-ass hard rock and roll from one of the founders of the legendary Texas psych/rock group, Homer, recorded 1975-77; sixteen explosive twin lead-guitar filled cuts all digitally-remastered from the mid-70's master recordings—guitarist Galen Nilestears up the fretboard! Return to the days of classic hard rock done the way it was meant to be!! Don't miss it!!"- "this is sun-kissed heavy Southern rock, the twin guitars of Galen Niles and Larry McGuffin (you can't make names like that up!) wrestling and racing like alcofuelled bikers at a truckstop diner where Thin Lizzy and Blackfoot are on permanent jukebox repeat." - Terrorizer Magazine (UK)- "Try to imagine if you canWishbone Ash with two Ted Nugents on leadguitars ! Fantastic !" - Freak Emporium- "If you like awesome '70's hard rock with dual lead guitars, throaty vocals and killer production, this one is for you.." - Chaos Realm. $14.99

THE UNDERDOGS (PIG, MANN & EDWARDS) - WASTING OUR TIME Power trio from 1970 w/guitarist extraordinaire Harvey Mann.    $17.99

THE UNDERGROUND FAILURE (ST) "Swedish underground counter-culture monster album from 1971, originally released as a private pressing of 150 copies, never sold at shops at the time. These bunch of freaks were clearly influenced by Dylan, early Velvet Underground and The Fugs, but they came with a sound of their own. Stoned/druggy atmosphere alternating from acoustic/acid-folk tracks to devastating, fuzzed-out ones like 'Green Ocelot. Limited to 500 copies, with remastered sound in nice papersleeve mini-LP replica."

THE UNDERTAKERS - Unearthed Great 60's UK R&B/beat from '63-'65.    All 45s and unreleased album w/Jackie Lomax! $17.99


DAVE WAITE & MARIANNE SEGAL - Paper Flowers (196?) (Import) Before legendary '70's UK Folk Rock band Jade was formed in 1970, there was a folk duo - Dave Waite and Marianne Segal. Dave and Marianne performed in the University and Folk Clubs of England at a time when folk was groovy and Carnaby street was still swinging. Their music was a fusion of English and American contemporary folk artists but it also contained a spark of ever-so-English vocal purity that gave the duo a sound more suited to the label "folk pop" - much like Sandy Denny and The Strawbs or very early Magna Carta . This totally unreleased album dates from the mid to late '60's and is a beautiful collection of timeless music complete with detailed sleeve notes by Dave and Marianne and contemporary photos. $20.99

WARM DUST (ST) (Import/1972) British band with a sometimes Canterbury-like, sometimes more brassrock-like sound. Imagine a mixture between Caravan and early Chicago (around 1970) and you get an idea of their music. When they go into longer tracks, they develop an excellent, dense music dominated by flute and saxes, the great organ by Paul Carak and the deep and strong vocals by Dansfield Walker. Listen to "Turbulance" or "Wash My Eyes" from And It Came, "The Blind Boy" (an 18 minute suite) from Warm Dust or "Justify" from Peace (an anti-war concept album) to find the strongest moments of this band. $19.99

WAZOO - (S/T) (1970) (Import/WIS) (DL Import/WIS) From Detroit a weird experimental psych outfit from 1970. Originals are rare and pretty unknown among psych collectors until now! There are different styles of music, from heavy garage rock to bluesy west coast, drifting into various tripped-out,funk, jazz, fusion elements with humorous/social comments. Structure, feeling and complexity can be compared to experimental Krautrock, while the group´s basic sound is represented better by end-60s US Hippie Rock as Country Joe & the Fish or The Head Shop with its excessive fuzz guitar work, Farfisa organ, amazing vocals, lots of unexpected mixing, with flashes of UK´s legendary"White Noise". This CD issue contains a 12 p. colour booklet with a band´s bio, and the cool original album design, made by John Williams who also worked for Zappa. $21.99
White Noise - An Electric Storm Truly stunning UK album from 1968. Utilising all kinds of early electronics and featuring members of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, this is alternately frightening, majestic and downright insane and definitely should come with a "Do Not Listen Whilst Tripping" sign on the cover. (Unless you think you can handle it?) Awesome!!! (File next to Brainticket.)

WILDEBEEST - Bushrock 1 (Import) Wildebeest - Bushrock 1 was originally released in 1981. The "Bushrock" concept was Colin Pratley's brainchild and is the perfect way to describe the music of Wildebeest. A blend of African, traditional and rock music performed with amazing energy. African drums, violin and rock guitars accompanied by a sweet melodic female vocal. The Rand Daily Mail voted 'Bushrock 1' album of the year in 1981. $17.99

WORD OF LIFE - DUST Swedish psych rock masters. Yes, its finally time for the follow up to their very well received debut LP Furthur Ahead. This one is even more baked: surging fuzz/wah lead guitars, spacy moog attacks, flutes, and percussion the way we want it. This one doesn't need any hype. Everyone is going to be satisfied! Includes several bonus tracks not included on the original vinyl issue, which sort of makes it in to a total new album + poster insert. From the school of Hawkwind and Ozric Tentacles. Highly recommended. $15.99

THE WORLD OF OZ- (ST) (1969) (Repertoire/Ltd ed. 2000 copies digi pac) Great psychy pop album with 8 bonus tracks!    $22.99

YAMA AND THE KARMA DUSTERS Up From The Sewers "Super political, rocking, anti-establishment communal band (c. 1970) put together as a result of the Kent State Massacre. The Karma Dusters really cook on the up-tempo tracks, sounding at times like a cross between The Blues Project and Dylan's band circa 1966, augmented by some dazzling violin. This excellent sounding master-tape reissue has two bonus tracks; it also has two booklets -- one is for the outrageous and explicit Gonzo history of the band and their urban commune; the other is a wrap-around booklet for lyrics, all served up together in a Mylar plastic sleeve. You just know the FBI has a huge file on these punks. But do they have the album?"

YEZDA URFA - Sacred Baboon CD reissue of the second album by this inventive mid '70's melodic progressive rock band who were obviously fans of early Yes. Strong complex keyboard and vocal driven progressive rock music well recorded and breathtakingly executed.

PARI ZANGENEH - Series of Music For Young Adults (Import) "Absolute mega-rarity, an incredible discovery and the ultimate folk-psych artifact unearthed directly from Teheran! Female vocalist Pari Zangeneh recorded this really amazing album in 1976 with a full backing band, covering a number of traditional Persian folk songs and giving them a lovely psychedelic flavor. Beautiful strings, flutes, really charming and tasty drumming, some organ and orchestration, percussion. A truly fantastic album, and one of the rarest folk-psych records ever to file along other obscurities as Book of Am or Mellow Candle! Limited papersleeve CD reissue, beautiful mini-LP replica and only 500 copies."

VARIOUS "This is Folk" Seldom fashionable, always individual and frequently inspirational, folk music has generally ploughed its own furrow. As a new generation discovers this unique musical form it is enjoying something of a revival. This 3xCD set, with detailed sleevenotes, present superlative performances from many of the genre’s greatest names. Great sampler of class UK folk w/Anne Briggs, Richard Thompson, Davy Graham, Dransfield, Martin Carthy, Watersons, Shirley Collins, Bert Jansch and more.
NEW CD ARRIVALS ALL THE TIME (all sealed and or NM!)



AGAMENON - Todos Rien De Mi (1975) (Import/Guersen) "Hippie group from Madrid, this is no doubt the most acid psychedelic rock album recorded in Spain in the '70s. It is their sole album, originally released in 1975 on the Explosion label and a very rare and collectable item. Ten tracks, eight of them in English and two in Spanish, all originals and fantastic; there's lots of heavy acid fuzz guitar here, probably the wildest fuzz recorded in Spain ('Todos Rien de Mi,' 'Send Me' or 'I Need Money'), and also some great sunshine psych-pop ('Cuco Go Fly,' 'Al Salir el Sol'), and it's all very well packed with some of the best multi-vocal harmonies you can find in a Spanish record ever. A truly fantastic album that we strongly recommend. This first ever reissue comes with an insert with some never-seen-before pictures and info about the band, plus a repro of a very rare band poster."    $20.99

AGUATURBIA "Complete Tracks": all tracks from both albums ("S/T" from 1969 and "Volume 2" from 1970),    by one of the best and most important psychedelic bands to emerge from South America in the late 60's/early 70's; very heavy fuzz guitar driven rock with fantastic female vocals (inviting the inevitable comparison to Jefferson Airplane) and English lyrics.    The addition of three bonus tracks from 1973 makes this the essential issue of the band's work; booklet comes with notes and photos from the band's archive. $20.99

LOS AMIGOS DE MARIA - Rock: As the title says, this album rocks! Obscure talented Chilean group recorded this amazing album of the finest and purest garage psychedelia you could ever imagine in 1968, though it wasn't released until 1973. This record has it all, the opening 10 minute track "Vuelve a comenzar" has wild, pounding drums, great aggressive guitar riffs, plus weird and demented vocals. The rest of the album follows this track quite closely, including cover versions of Box Top's "The Letter" or Ray Charles' "What I'd say" which are so wild that you'll hardly recognize them. We're not talking about lo-fi mid-60s garage sound, this is top-level, perfectly produced garage psych. Definitely one of the best South American albums from the psych era. Two tracks sung in Spanish, the rest in English. First time on CD. $19.99

ATILA - Intencion (Import) "The sensational second LP recorded by Atila, is a mega-rare LP hardly seen below the 400 euros tag, and is considered by many to be better than their previous output. At the time of recording this album, the band was already considered one of the top stage acts from Spain, which led to their signing for the BASF label, where they had access to a better production, which not only resulted in a better sound but also in a much more visually attractive full color gatefold sleeve. Originally issued in 1976, Intención is the perfect follow-up to The Beginning of the End, with Atila offering further pieces led by the strong guitar licks of Eduardo Niebla, Benet Nogué's organ & Moog, and Joan Punyet's drums melting in top progressive freakouts, plus the addition of wordless vocal parts and even some Catalan sung parts, besides adding a symphonic edge to the general sound. Side A offers three killer tracks in that vein, while the B-side is a new recording of the bands' signature theme 'El Principio Del Fin,' with updated overtones, Moog passages and a much better recorded sound than the one appearing on their debut LP.

BEAT BOYS - (ST) (Lion) "Along with Os Mutantes, the Beat Boys represented the most radical element in Brazilian rock: their name, clothes, hair -- and intense fuzz guitar raves -- were all fierce indicators of a rebel spirit, and this in a dangerous time for such self-expression. Here is the simple truth: They backed Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil for their defining moments as artists -- both live, and in the studio on tracks which became the opening tropicalist salvo (a rare EP). This disc includes the Beat Boys entire output under their own name: their sole album -- an exercise in what one might call 'controlled tropicália', laden with torrid psychedelic moments (released by RCA Victor in 1968), as well as a rare singles track from the same year. A 20-page booklet includes lyrics, and an exploration of the Beat Boys' fascinating story."

BILLY BOND - Y La Pesada Del Rock And Roll    (Import)    Reissue CD contains the entirety of the first two LPs from Billy Bond and features all the musicians responsible for the weird and wonderful records by Kubero Diaz, and La Cofradia de la Flor Solar. In 1970, Bond hit upon the idea to found "La Pesada del Rock and Roll", a loosely-affiliated group of like-minded musicians, featuring all of the best rock musicians in Argentina at the time. The first album from late 1970 was hard hitting freaked-out rock n roll with psychotic touches, spiced up by funky rhythms and includes some incredible tracks like Salgan al Sol (which features a brilliant Pappo wah-wah guitar solo); The second album from 1972 was another excellent record featuring remarkable tracks like "La po Diaz, La m" sung by Medina, with Pappo on guitar. All in all, however, this is a harder-edged LP than the first one.    $19.99

BUBU - Anabelas (1978) (Import) Only album from this Argentinean group, who played intricate and original music. Along with the traditional rock set-up (guitar, bass, and drums), the band featured a violinist, flutist, saxophonist, and pianist. Their music was complex, energetic, and diabolical in a King Crimson-ish sort of way. Influences were varied (classic, jazz, rock, folk) but make for quite an interesting blend. An album with strong influences from progressive jazz like Mahavishnu Orchestra, the Frank Zappa’s The Grand Wazoo, and the madness of Gong; one of the top progressive albums to come out of Argentina in the 1970s.    $18.99

MIGUEL CANTILO Y GRUPO - Sur (Import/Gatefold digi) Argentinian Miguel Cantilo joined a hippie commune in the fall of 1972. There he wrote many songs together with Kubero Diaz (La Cofradia de la Flor Solar), incredible hard-psychedelia and a slight folk flavor at times. This is an absolute must for any psychedelic rock fan with overwhelming dual guitar, and no doubt it's one of the best Argentinian records of the '70s. Remastered sound from original master tapes resulting in a much better sound than the original!    $19.99

LA COFRADIA DE LA FLOR SOLAR -(S/T)    Beautiful official CD reissue of Argentinian early '70s acid rock in the most amazing psychedelic sleeve featuring the production talents of the legendary Billy Bond. The music is powerful three piece acid psych with rippling fuzz drenched wah-wah guitar freakouts through to gentle mellow passages that are similar to Gandalf. $16.99

CONGRESO "El Congreso": first release on compact disc of one of the three albums besides Aguaturbia you need to hear from Chile: yes, there's Kissing Spell, and then Embrujo, which is the same guys playing under a different name, and then there is the amazingly rare debut album by El Congreso - Originally released on Odeon, the three brothers Gonzales (plus bass & drums) recorded this album in 1971. Musically in the same direction as Kissing Spell and Embrujo mellow underground psychy tracks, trippy jungle sounds, dreamy vocals, great guitarwork, includes two bonus tracks. $20.99

CRUCIS S/T: + Los delirios del marisca (Import) (two albums on one CD): Both albums by Argentina's best-loved symphonic rock band on one disc. Los Crucis were formed in August of 1974, and in a short time became one of the few symphonic rock bands from South America to have any success, thanks to a sound reminiscent of foreign groups like Yes, Camel or Focus. Charlie Garcia of Sui Generis signed on as producer, which led to the release of the band's debut album in 1975. Not much time elapsed before the second album also hit the streets. The four songs of "Los delirios del marisca" were a great improvement compared to those of the first LP only one track featured vocals on an album filled with complex songs full of challenging rhythms changes. The sound quality was astonishing for the time: the record was mixed and cut by Jack Adams at the Criteria Studios in Miami (USA) every Argentine band's dream had finally come true. Crucis was invited to make an extensive US tour; they surprised audiences with fabulous concerts that traveled the spectral corners of jazz and symphonic rock. Upon their return to Argentina, Crucis broke up, apparently due to conflicts between Gustavo Montesano (the main composer in Crucis) and the rest of the group. $18.99

JUAN DE LA CRUZ - Maskara Totally rocked out bluesy stoner jams, with sex and party obsessed lyrics that are pure rock & roll. Originally released in 1974 and the band's second studio album. No-frills packaging, but still a great way to acquire some of the best material by these heavy rock legends. Digitally remastered official CD reissue from the Philippines!

LOS DUG DUG'S - (S/T) (Import) (also known as "Lost in My World"): the "must have" debut album (RCA, 1971) from psychedelic guru Armando Nava and his band recorded after their failed trip to NYC did not produce the stardom they had been promised; pain and disappointment sparking great song-writing on this, the first Mexican psych album in English; great tracks like 'World of Love', 'It's Over' (on the "Love, Peace and Poetry" comp), 'I Got the Feeling' and the moody 'Eclipse'. Essential. $18.99

LOS DUG DUG'S - Smog (Import) second album (RCA, 1973) from psychedelic guru Armando Nava and his band is in Spanish this time, as all other Mexican bands were by now singing in English; heavier sound pervades, with touches of Jethro Tull, the new chunky sound best expressed on the explosive twelve-minute medley that dominated the album's first side; contains two English-language tracks as a bonus, which are from the original version of the album which was scrapped by band-leader Nava in a fit of rage. $18.99

JESUS FIGUEROA (Opus Alfa/Dias de Blues) "Con Todos + Magica Fuente" (Import)    Both brilliant blues influenced psych albums (1973/1974) from singer and leader of Opus Alfa; "Con Todos" has great atmospheric acoustic slide-guitar blues alternating with thudding heavy rocking blues tracks; "Con Todos" is good, but "Magica Fuente" is much more compelling and shows real imagination, with sinuous guitar slow burn blues combined with guitar-propelled rave-ups. $21.99

LAS GRECAS - GIPSY ROCK (Import) "The title of this album will give you a good idea of what it's all about. Las Grecas were a couple of young, rocking Spanish gypsy female singers in 1974 recording a whole album with some of the best studio musicians around. All songs have a strong gypsy flavor and flamenco roots, and the backing band is really, really rocking, with tremendous guitar work, some killer fuzz as well and a perfect, surely very expensive production. This is a very unknown flamenco-psych-rock album that will cause you big surprise, we can tell you, it's as good as you could expect when reading these lines. This is to Spanish rock what Erkin Koray, Baris Manço and Edip Akbayram are to Turkish rock."    $20.99

GUALBERTO - Vericuetos    (Import)    It's1976. What could we say about ex-Smash leader Gualberto ? If you know him, you already love him. If not, get his records and you'll live an incredible experience; his personal, delicate music could be described as flamenco psychedelic prog, and the skillfull use of guitars, sitars and violins will give your life another direction! This is actually his official second solo album, and sure it's one of the most important Spanish rock albums ever!Limited (500 copies only), with the original gatefold cover and remastered sound directly from the mastertapes. $21.99

HOJAS - Mis Suenos Piden (1973) (Lion)Originally released in Uruguay in 1971, the best best band around for melodic rock in those days, what we now call powerpop plus the slow burn ballads.    Subtle guitars, dream pop melodies and a driving rhythm section, toped of by the excellent vocals of Cesar Badin. This carefully researched reissue is supplemented by seven bonus tracks, including rare singles and a previously unreleased Badfinger cover. Coming with a detailed, 16 page, booklet, including a brief overview of the Sondor label. $15.99

KALEIDOSCOPE - (S/T) (Peru) (Import/card sleeve) Available again!!. one of the rarest and most desired psychedelic albums of all time! A great album, with all songs in English-heavy grooves, super fuzzified guitar and a raving, ranting, drooling savage garage sound    $17.99

KARMA S/T A band that was born in the city of Rio de Janeiro in 1972. They were a guitar trio that played an elaborate rock style with folk and progressive leanings. They recorded an historical LP in 1972, which didn´t get much local repercussion but today is acknowledged as one of Brazilian rock gems! $19.99

LADIES W.C. "S/T" (Import) Justifiably praised album is coincidentally one of the rarest and most sought-after in the world (Souvenir label, 1970); stunning record made by transient American hippie Stephen Scott and a group of Venezuelan musicians opens with 'People' (which was on Latin American "Love Peace and Poetry" compilation), which sets the tone with fuzz guitars ablaze for the remainder of a consistent strong album; some cuts more bluesy in feel, with harmonica etc., and it ends (as it always must) in mayhem with tape loops, a breakdown in the playing, and the flushing of a toilet. $16.99

LAGHONIA - Unglue (Import) 100% unreleased material byone of the best 60´s & 70`s South American Rock bands, known fortheir two legendary and rare albums, "Glue"& "Etcetera".This unique Peruvian band,one of a few in South America that sang in English and used Hammond B2organ in the studio and live performances, and played only original compositions influenced by The Beatles, The Kinks, The Yardbirds, Cream andmany others. 54 minutes of music, recorded at rehearsal sessions for their first album between 1967 and 1970, contains two unreleased tracks andamazing alternative versions of Glue album tracks. This release is licensedby the band, comes in a good quality mini LP foldout package, insert (cool photos) and original artwork by Manuel Cornejo. $16.99

LIMONADA - (S/T) (1970) (bonus trk) The story of this band starts with the end of the band El Kinto, when leader Eduardo Mateo decided to embark on a solo career while the others started Limonada. This is the only album they recorded, originally recorded in 1970. It is a strange record with backwards tape slices, abrupt song changes, yet in the same time it is very accessible and very groovy. It is a profound mystery how it has vanished from the consciousness of even the most devoted fans of obscure music. This carefully researched reissue is supplemented with an extra live bonus track. The 16-page booklet includes a historical background on the Uruguayan scene, details of the band's past. $15.99

LOCH NESS - Ox (7?) (SPM) Great Spanish rock! $20.99

MANAL - Debut album by this highly regarded Argentinian rock trio from 1970 mixing Latin rhythms with inspiration from acts such as Cream, has a laid back jazzy/blues/garage feel with some great lead guitar.    Has 7 bonus tracks from their 45s.    $17.99

MODULO 1000 - Nao Fale Com Paredes (197-) w/bonus trks & 3x fold hardcover "Modulo 1000 is one of Brazil's famous progressive rock bands of the early 1970's, their only album became legendary in the collectors scene, as one of the best South American records of all times, besides Laghonia, Emiliano Zapata, Psiglo, Opus Alfa. As Luiz Simas (organ) remembers: "The music of Modulo 1000 had its own appeal to an audience that wanted a heavy, raw, experimental, psychedelic sound. Our kind of music did not make it to the radio stations. It was too wild. The distribution of the record was done in a very limited way. The record label directors, which probably didn't understand or even didn't like our music, did zero promotion for the LP."This CD-issue contains 8 bonus tracks and comes with the original cover artwork, an outstanding psychedelic painting, presented in a triple fold hardcover (as Mystic Siva) plus a 16 page booklet with, bio and lots of photos. Highly recommended because of its individual and intense progressive sound."    $23.99

LA MOSCA (THE FLY) - Npk 2 (1970)(Import/Guerssen/slipcase) La Mosca released their sole album that year, sung in perfect English. The content of this wonderful album (which was also released in Brazil at the time) is psychedelic rock, sometimes groovy, sometimes soft, always very well executed and with great Hammond organ work along with fantastic guitar and vocals. All tracks are written by the band (though signed by Alfonso Sainz who was not in the group but was the producer) and include the terrific 'Once Upon a Time,' a ferocious six-minute psychedelic dancer, as well as the Hammond instrumental 'Dreamy Sleeper' and the cool soft psych track 'Warning Signals' among others. First-time-ever reissue of this rare and obscure psychedelic gem, with fully remastered sound." $20.99

MUTANTES - TECHNICOLOR (1970) A completely previously unreleased English album by the Brazilian psych giants!    $15.99

MARCONI NOTARO - No Sub Reino Dos Metazoarios(Import) First ever reissue of this totally brilliant post-Satwa 1973 Brazilian private press featuring the core trio Lula, Marconi Notaro & Zeacute Ramalho. recorded just months after lula had released Satwa, the whole album gushes forth with a sun baked spirit of the highest level, mixing tropicalia tinged folk-beat groovers, satwa style bliss trance ragas, paébiru favored lysergic jungle psych, and even a raging fuzz/wah soaked garage psych rocker. Extremely mind melting from start to finish, with huge washes of rippling tape delay, electric & acoustic guitars, 12 string, tranced folk percussion, passionate yet mellow vocals, liquid electric bass, acid effects everywhere, and of course lula's mercurial & heart melting tricórdio (an instrument he made himself, something like a sitar/dulcimer hybrid). beautiful, melancholy and joyous all at the same moment, this is an album that after 33 years still sounds completely fresh & unique... Booklet contains original notes, rare photos and book covers, marconi's last poem written the day before his death, and extensive new notes & biography by lula. $19.99

PAPPO"S BLUES - Volumen 1 Along with Almendra and Vox Dei, this loose-knit bunch of acid rock blues musicians were one of Argentina's top acts of the '70s. From 1971, this debut album contains oodles of superb Hendrix and Cream influenced heavy riffs, with fluid leads and pounding drums. Definitely a classy act!!Housed in a digi pack.

PAPPO"S BLUES - Volumen 2 (Import) Second album from Argentina's finest blues-rock guitarist. Recorded live in the studio in 1972, this contains some powerhouse riffing and Peter Green-like lead guitar work.Housed in a digi pack sleeve.

PAPPO"S BLUES - Volumen 7 (Import) 1978 and Argentina's premier blues rock outfit keep the riffs a comin'. A guitar fest for frustrated fretboard wizards, this album contains the excellent 7 min instrumental "El Jugador" and the equally maginficant 6' 33" "Abordo". For guitar freaks everywhere...

LA REVOLUCION DE EMILIANO ZAPATA - (ST) (Import) Finally it's a quality CD reissue of the debut album from 1971 by the legendary Mexican band. Excellent psychedelic acid rock with ripping fuzz lead guitars and quality vocals in English. Housed in a mini card sleeve and is very limited so don't miss out!

SEASONS “Liverpool at Buenos Aires” (CDDP 24): "The Seasons" arrived in 1965, when they recorded a single for the Microfon label. Then in 1966 they recorded an LP with their own compositions, sung in English. The founder members of The Seasons were Carlos Mellino (later in Alma y Vida) and Alejandro Medina (from Manal). The band’s sound was very much influenced by the three biggest bands in South America—Los Shakers, Los Mockers, and Los Walkers—in other words, Seasons had a real 1960’s South American beat band sound. This production includes the band’s only single as a bonus, and includes extended text about that era. Collectors from around the globe search for the original single and LP by Los Seasons. In the "Record Collectors Dreams 1001" book, the Seasons LP is included among the rarest of Argentine rock. Never before on CD.

LOS SHAIN'S - Singles 1966-1968 (Import) Stomping singles from Los Shains -- an array of tunes recorded with a very groovy feel -- part mod, part garage rock, often with some weird effects in the studio! There's a quality here that's a bit like some of the grittier groups on the Sunset Strip scene -- Great -- wonderful sound, and a full batch of notes and vintage photos to support the 14 tracks in the set. The CD also features a bonus video -- and titles include "96 Lagrimas", "Apache 66", "Brasil", "El Ultimo Tren", "La Catedral De Winchester", "Flechitas", "Pesadillas", and "No No No No".

LOS SHAIN'S - El Ritmos De (Import) Finally this legendary Peruvian '60s band's first recordings are available. Fourteen tracks of superb '60s South American garage.

LOS NUEVOS SHAIN'S - Singles 1969-1970 The "nuevos" version of Los Shains -- a late 60s take on the combo's earlier sound, and one that's served up with a fair bit of trippy rock elements! The sound here is heavy on fuzz and psyche touches -- borrowed strongly from the Cream and Hendrix generation, who they cover on some tracks -- but also served up with some of the darker edges that we've come to expect from other Peruvian groups of the time -- that surprising sensitivity that comes out at some points, and really makes the music more than a copycat of Anglo modes. Titles include "Guau Guau A Gogo", "The Sky Is Fallin", "Indian Love", "Purple Haze", "White Room", "Good Inspirations", "Never Go Back To Georgia", "Sea Of Joy", "Open The Door", and "Sweet Wine".

LOS SONADORES - Vida (Import) First reissue of this dreamy psychedelic rarity from 1972, said to be made by Spanish and Chilean musicians in the USA; don't know about that, but it was issued in the USA on Caytronics, and has been much sought after since then (see the Collector's Dreams books); some great beat ballads combined with trippy melodic psychedelic reveries; a band that was rightly named 'the Dreamers'." $16.99

SURVIVAL - La Onda De Super rare late '60's Mexican psych album filled with dreamy wah-wah guitar, ripping fuzz and primitive effects. Bluesy acid psych with a typical Mexican '60's sound. Reissued a while ago on vinyl by Rockadelic here's another chance to own this rarity...

TAPIMAN - (S/T) (1971) (Deluxe Edition) (Import/Guerssen)    Newly remastered edition of the great Spanish monster rarity! Legendary hard-rock-psychedelic album from 1971 (for many, also a progressive album!?). Extremely underground hard-rocking power trio!!! Line up features Max Sunyer on guitar (later in Iceberg), and Tapi on drums (just after leaving Maquina!). The CD contains the complete album plus 4 bonus tracks from their singles, 2 of these tracks have never been available on CD. This is a limited deluxe edition in TRIPLE GATEFOLD COVER THICK-CARTON DIGIPACK including an 8 page booklet with infos, pictures, bio and Max Sunyer interview! $24.99

TARKUS - (ST) Killer Peruvian hard rock from 1972. Plenty of ripping guitar with powerful bass and percussion. A dark brooding atmosphere pervades the music on this CD. $17.99

TOBRUK - Ad Lib (Import) "Tobruk was formed by some North American guys living in Brazil, and this wonderful album got released in 1972 on the Cash Box label. It's an excellent psychedelic album with an astounding, original sound based in fuzz, organ, psychedelic effects and an eerie atmosphere. It's completely sung in English as well. Edition of 500 papersleeve CDs, with remastered sound."

TRAFFIC SOUND "Virgin" (1970) In January 1970, Traffic Sound's second album, "Virgin" appeared on the market. It was the first Peruvian rock album with 100% original tunes. The album contains the hit single 'Meshkalina,' a fusion of Latin rhythms, power rock and hippie lyrics. The uniqueness of Traffic Sound made them very special, although influenced by bands like the Animals, Iron Butterfly, Jimi Hendrix Experience and Pink Floyd, they added their own original touches and created something new. You can read a real biography of Traffic Sound, told by the band members! This re-packaged reissue now in a jewel box, includes a 16-page booklet with lyrics, band biography, and unseen photos. It was created using the original master tapes, and was remastered very carefully with tube amplifiers. It has great unseen photos and sound remastered from the original mastered tapes, all at a very economic price!    $17.99

VIBRACIONES DEL 11 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 1971(2 CDs/Import) Rare Mexican psych film soundtrack, featuring rare cuts from La Revolucion de Emiliano Zapata, Macho; gatefoldpaper-sleeve edition

RONNIE VON - (S/T) (Import w/bonus tracks) It's hard to find the words to describe this wonderful Brazilizn album, you have to judge it for yourself! Here on the self-titled 1968 album, we have psychedelia with some pop hints, truly amazing songwriting, sharp and heavy fuzz guitars combining with groovy organs, piano and tasty horns, along with fantastic vocals by Ronnie. Six bonus tracks (all from 1967), include a several of Vons first hits, all of which are delightful to hear. Limited edition reissue has remastered sound, original artwork, and a hefty booklet with biography, photos, and lyrics. $16.99

VOX DEI La Biblia (2 CDs/Import)    limited edition double-disc digi-pack reissue of the undisputed masterpiece of one of the four pioneering groups of Argentine rock, along with Los Gatos, Manal and Almendra; this reissue package was created to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the album's first release; strangely enough, the album is a conceptual album based on The Holy Bible. The end result is magnificent. Vox Dei did a terrific job summarising in only a few lines the most important facets of the Bible; musically, the band was at their psychotic best, with hard driving guitars in full force.    A truly wonderful album. The entire second disc is made up of alternate versions of the same songs. Nice fold-out mini-gatefold, with booklet full of notes, lyrics, and photos. $21.99

VOX DEI- Es Una Nube,No Hay Duda (Import) Reissue of the band's 1973 album and first on the CBS label. Truly excellent well produced and inspired music that blends progressive rock, pastoral songs, psychedelia and rock. The booklet re-creates the lyric insert that was included in the original gatefold.This power-trio are often regarded as one of the most important Argentinean bands. $16.99

LOS WALKERS - Los Walkers / Nosotros Los Walkers    (Import) Garage & psychedelic legend from Argentina. First LP 1967 + second lp 1968 plus 8 bonus tracks. Never before on cd, all bonus tracks are non LP singles. In fact, Los Walkers were the Argentine response to "Los Shakers" and "Los Mockers" (that were from Uruguay). The first Lp is like a sort of garage classics and included 3 tracks written by themselves. We have covers of Them - Small faces - Lemmon Pipers - Doors - Kinks - Stones, all of them in a very special and peculiar versions. Their second album is a bit more psychedelic. The booklet brings extensive lines and photos. 32 songs - 77 minutes !!    $20.99

WE ALL TOGETHER- Singles (Lion) Killer psych-pop stuff by well-known Peruvian beatlesque early 70's group! Thirteen non-LP singles tracks; audio mastered from the original tapes using tube amplifiers by Saúl Cornejo and Miguel Vance in MCA studios, Lima - Peru; bi-lingual 24-page booklet (spanish and english), with rare photos, band history, as well as drawings and watercolors painted by Manuel Cornejo during 1971-73. $16.99

WE ALL TOGETHER & FRIENDS - "We Are Not Together": Rare tracks recorded at MAG studios in Lima, Peru between 1968 to 1974 by members of We all together along with various musician friends of the time (and a few relatives too). Some of the songs are originals, others are covers. What they all have in common is the musical skill that Carlos Guerrero, Sauacute Cornejo, Manuel Cornejo, Ernesto Samam, Felix Varvarande and Carlos Salom brought to these varied projects, some recorded prior to, some after the creation of their great band. Eight different groups of musicians (Illicit, Smog, Carlos Guerrero & Nilo Espinosa orquesta, FE 59, Cerro Verde, Beto Villena & We All Together, and Monik) who all produced rich and varied music of uniform excellence! Audio mastered from the original tapes using tube amplifiers by Sauacute Cornejo, Miguel Yance and others. Tapia in MCA Studios, Lima, Peru watercolors and drawings painted by Manuel Cornejo during 1970 to 1972. $15.99

Los Yorks - '67    (Import) The first album by the garage psych quartet who along with Los Saicos and Los Shains are one of the best and most important bands to come from Peru in the mid-sixties (their albums are now very rare) First issued on Mag in 1967 and featuring a non-stop beat influenced go-go twang guitar garage psych tone throughout. At times the sound is reminiscent of The Monks, with frantic rhythms and wild vocals. A great album $16.99


Gli Apostholi "Un'isola senz sole" (Import/1972) Released as a private pressing of 500 copies, "Un'isola senz sole" is surely one of the rarest Italian rock LPs; it is not progressive at all, for this is a pop/psych album along the lines of Le Orme, with very light prog influence. There is some aggressive and edgy sounding guitar that is very surprising (Pomeriggio Ad Acquasparta and L'arcobalen), a track that sounds a bit like Thin Lizzy (Beneficenza), but also nice and simple acoustic tracks (Dedicato A G.M.and Racconti) $19.99

Il Balletto Di Bronzo- YS (Unreleased English versions)(72) Masterpiece concept album multi~prog~guitar~moog,etc.....$14.99

Il Balletto Di Bronzo- YS (w/bonus) (72)This was their 2nd album and can be considered legitimately "fucking crazy" -- at least within the confines of Italian Progressive. High praise indeed. "'Introduzione' begins with an incredible atmosphere then develops into to a complex array of chaotic rhythms that go beyond any imagined horror movie soundtrack. 'Primo Incontro' starts in the same line as the opener, guitars now jumping from the left to the right channel, boisterous drumming, chaotic keyboards and very strange vocals. The end of the song concludes to weird harpsichord that will only give you the chills. 'Secondo Incontro' on side B begins with the most interesting and oddest arrangements mixing to calm melody and then bursting into total chaos including searing flutes and crazied Hammond organ. Ys is a very interesting album, melodic, but the obscure music is so original and great, that you'll never listen to anything similar." $14.99

I Califfi- Fiore Di Metallo (73) Superb Ital. prog!..$19.99

Capitolo 6 "Frutti per Kagua" (Import) Official paper-sleeve edition of classic Italian progressive/psych concept album based on stories of Native Americans (1972), famed for its 22-minute, side-long title track. The song, this obscure Roman band’s crowning glory, is truly a prime slice of progressive/psych heaven, with beautiful flute passages interlaced with guitars and keyboards; the vocals are exceptional: very expressive and integrated well into the music. Overall a great interplay between the voice, guitar and flute—never losing its melodic attributes. Changes mood dramatically in some parts, but the changes are never out of place, as the music follows a well developed structure. Foldout booklet contains lyrics. $17.99

Circus 2000- (ST) (1970) (Import/Akarma) Exclnt Jeff. Airpl. psych/folk rock w/fuzz & wah wah..$19.99

I Delfini - (S/T) (Import/World Psych) "Maybe the best beat album to emerge from Italy, first issued on Disco CDB in 1965; I Delfini (or, 'The Dolphins' as it translates) made a pretty good splash in their day, and why not? The lads from Padua wrote tight, punchy songs, had good production values (RCA studios), could sing (always a plus), and threw in a Beatles cover at the end in English, just for kicks; lyrics and band photos in 8-page booklet. Strong album for beat lovers." $19.99

Exploit- Crisi (72) (Import/Mellow) Ultra rare classical & psych~pop rock....$19.99

LIVING DREAM - Mysterious Dream (81) (Import/Mellow) Really nice rock-keyboard w/piercing guitar....$19.99

Il Mucchio- (ST) (70) (Import/Mellow) Nice late beat~prog keyboard band.....$19.99

New Trolls-Concerto Grosso (comp?) (Import/Replay Music) Superb ital. prog!...$14.99

I Numi- Alpha Ralpha Blvd. (71) (Import/Vinyl Magic) Excln Ital. rock/psychedelia....!! $19.99

Osanna- L'uomo (71) (Import/Warner Fonit) Highly acclaimed album by this great Naples rock band!!...$19.99

P.F.M.- L'isola Di Niente (74)Legendary prog~rock......$16.99

PFM - Per Un Amico Limited edition 24 karat gold reissue of the 1972 release. 24-bit remastered Italian prog rock packaged in a digipak. If you like progressive music, you really owe it to yourself to check this album out. It is truly beautiful and stands up to anything by Yes, ELP, Genesis or King Crimson. Don't be put off by the Italian vocals either, they are beautiful and sublime. Most of the tracks have a mellow, pastoral feel to them, but these boys could rock too and there is some keyboard work on here that would make Keith Emerson blush. An unforgettable highlight of the album is the first track, Appena un Po', there is nothing else like it. This is one of the best albums ever, and the disc sounds great.

Panna Fredda- Uno (1971) (Import/Vinyl Magic) Another super rock band!!..$19.99

Popol Vuh - Fitzcarraldo (Import/Spalax) $17.99

Preghiera Di Sasso (+Diapason)(ST) (75) (Import/Mellow) Very rare jazz/rock album..nice!....$19.99

Il Rovescio della Medaglia- La Bibbia (Import) "Aka RDM 1971's La Bibbia is their debut. It's much more in the hard rock direction, heavy on guitar with some very trippy effects from time to time caused by sound generators, feedback, and distortion. Plus the vocals here are very much in the hard rock style. In fact the band in this very early phase still didn't even have a keyboardist, so guitars obviously rule. Since La Bibbia came out in 1971, it should come as no surprise as that was the year the Italian prog scene had just got started, meaning many bands at that time still hadn't abandoned their psychedelic, blues, folk, jazz, or hard rock roots, and of course, RDM being no exception. I think this album is a wonderful, underrated progressive hard rock album!"

Le Stelle Di Mario Schifano- (st) (1967) (Import/Akarma) Mario Schifano (the amazing painter and sculptor from the Italian pop scene) recruited four young and unknown musicians to record this innovative album. Features Peter Hartman and beautiful cover artwork by Schifano himself." Previously carried on the dubious Mellow label, this version has got to jump one giant step forward in the great Italian label scramble for legitimacy! Starts out with a killer side-long track that almost makes this one out as the Italian answer to Love Live Life + 1: flying freak-out stuff, stumbling percussion, screaming organ waver, screaming female vocals, screaming, heavy lead guitar all add up to a first class psychedelic cacophony. The remaining tracks are fine, in a shorter psych/pop vein. Unknown and good-to-astounding, depending on your relationship to the psych universe. $19.99

3 Vel- Riflessioni (Import/Mellow) Very nice Italian prog!...........$19.99


AGITATION FREE - Fragments (Import & bonus) Essential posthumous album of live material and unreleased stuff taken from their reunion in November 1974. Now contains a 10 minute bonus track.

AINIGMA - Diluvium (1973) (Import/w/bonus trks) Heavy and primitive German progressive rock from 1973, with plenty of long doomy organ driven instrumentals and trippy guitar reminiscent of Vanilla Fudge or Necronomicon. A classic private pressing on CD at last.....$20.99

ALCATRAZ - Vampire State Building (1972) (Import/w/bonus trks) Set up in 1969 this Dutch/ German group toured with The Pretty Things, Ekseption, Neu, Wind, Jane etc. This album was recorded in 1972 and covers all bases! It has mellow prog jazz touches like Soft Machine, Caravan etc. blended with lengthy instrumental acidic jams featuring sax, flute driving percussion as well as effect laden mayhem and some biting wah wah fuzz guitar that is reminiscent of Faust ! . Experimental stuff. Highly rated by the writers of Crack In the Cosmic Egg. $20.99

ALEX - Alex & That's the Deal (Import) "His first two LPs from 1974 and 1976 on one CD, complete and with all original jacket artwork and lyrics. Now performs as Alex Oriental Experience. 'A singer and multi-instrumentalist from Cologne who released several albums which were strongly influenced by the ethnic music of Turkey. His first two albums are now eagerly hunted by collectors, as they featured a unique style of 'Turk-Rock' with stunning baglama solos (this is a kind of three-stringed Turkish guitar)! They were recorded with the help of Holger Czukay and Jaki Liebezeit (possibly adding bass and drums on certain tracks?) at Can's Inner Space studio, so take note all you Can collectors!'"

ANALOGY - (S/T) (1972) (Import w/bonus trk) The Italian's may claim Analogy as a classic band from their 70's scene, though the truth is that they were actually German! Their debut LP (which became quite notorious because of the nude group scenes on the cover) was recorded and only released in ltaly, which would be the reason for such confusion. Analogy were of that genre some suggest as being inspired by US West Coast bands, though really they were very European, combining classical and space-rock elements, and fronted by a powerful unusual female vocalist. lf they could be compared to anyone, Earth & Fire and Sandrose would be favourites, not forgetting to point out an added Floydian spaciness, with lots of organ and guitars. Despite being an oddly balanced album, its reputation is certainly deserved.$20.99

ARDO DOMBEC - (S/T) (197?) (Import w/bonus trks)    Bluesy/jazz & varied prog with 2 very different lead singers, between Creative Rock & McChurch Soundroom, with roots from BS&T, Excellent Chicago type brassy rock.    $20.99

ARKTIS - MORE ARKTIS TAPES (Import) The second volume of previously unreleased material by this fine '70s German hard progressive band. With two tracks clocking in at over 14 minutes this is a treat for fans of acid guitar based Kraut Rock. File next to Gila and My Solid Ground....

ARMAGGEDON “S/T” (Import) Revered by many wise listeners as one of the finest heavy rock albums of the early 1970’s, this was the only effort of Anglo-American blues rock from former Agitation Free/Emergency/Inga Rumpf guitarist and vocalist Frank Diez’s short-lived group; Armageddon were one of the foremost Berlin exponents of Anglo-American inspired rock, and much better than most of their contemporaries. With their influence clearly defined, the album contained excellent versions of Jeff Beck's "Rice Pudding" and Spooky Tooth's "Better By You, Better Than Me", Armageddon should have been an international hit, as they had an accessible sound with lots of complex and highly progressive elements. Nowadays it's revered as one of the finest heavy rock albums in the early-70's.

ART BOYS COLLECTION - Stoned Wall (197?) (Import w/ bonus trks) Austrian band from the late '60's that started off as a beat pop act and then in the 70's made a more progressive rock sound. This their sole album was recorded between 1970 and 1972 and the early material sounds like early Group 1850 whilst the later material is more progressive. Phased effects, orchestration, heavy guitar and keyboards make up a wild mix of styles. Four bonus cuts and masses of info in the booklet. $20.99

BIRTH CONTROL - Operation (71) (Ohr/Zyx) Second album of hard rock (DEEP PURPLISH) acid based style blend of heavy guitar and organ twirls (SPOOKY TOOTHISH) $16.99

BLACK SPIRIT “S/T” (Import) “The members of the Black Spirit were Italian immigrants who worked at Volksburg in a car factory. From 1970 to 1973 performed a number of concerts, especially in the area of Hamburg, and then start working on their first album. No one can accuse Black Spirit of exaggerated sophistication, as their music was all plain hard rock in the Black Sabbath and Deep Purple vein, though recorded under much more primitive circumstances. Unsurprisingly, Black Spirit are comparable to German hard-rock bands like Florian Geyer, Grave, Arktis and Ainigma.”

BLACKWATER PARK - Dirt Box (72)(spalax) Superb German hard and heavy guitar rock w/overloaded guitar and English vocals housed in a nice digipak. $18.99

CWT "Hundredweight" (Import) The only album from this English heavy rock trio, released on Kuckuck in 1973—one of the heaviest acts on the label. CWT Guest musician Cy Payne is responsible for the brass arrangements, which gives CWT a very special sound; apart from the fantastic guitar and vocal work of Graham Jones, the brass section gives CWT a Motown Soul touch, a real heavy groove. All in all, it makes "The Hundredweight" an interesting album with some faster and softer points. Tracks like ‘Steam Roller’ are devastating, filled with the hardest riffing and rough vocals. It might be accurate to compare CWT with bands like Sir Lord Baltimore or Cactus: they are of a same class, so to speak, and all liked their basic heavy blues rock.

CURLY CURVE (ST) (73) Great German rock combining heavy blues, hard rock and progressive sounds to fine effect!! $17.99

DA CAPO - Da Capo (Import plus bonus)German progressive band with Westcoast touch. The original LP is sold for 600-700 euros. First time released now on CD. Comes in orig. cover artwork and with 1 bonus track and 32-page booklet. Produced in 1970 it consists of five tracks, all very beautifully done especially the long instrumental track "A Day In the Rest Of My Life" with two lead-guitars that recalls the style of Quicksilver Messenger service.

DEUTER - D (Import) This German Freak made this most excellent trip item in 1971. Long weird tracks with spacey guitar, exotic instruments (sitars etc), Floyd like keyboards, strange effects and lunched out titles such as "Krishna Eating Fish And Chips". Essential mind melter.....

DIES IRAE - First. (Import) (Ohrwaschl Records - OW026) A must for all Kraut rockers. Virus meets McChurch in a psychedelic blues rock melt down. Produced for the legendary Pilz label and engineered by the enigmatic Conny Plank back in 1971.

ECLIPSE - Decadent Dance (Import/Owr) New mainstream rock ala Scorpions-Europe-ZZ Top.The band from Bavaria play their own complex compositions as well with a blues-feeling as also with the heavy rock mood of other great british or american rockers; a real must for all heavy blues-rockers. $17.99

EELA CRAIG - (S/T) (1971) (Import w/bonus trks) '70s Progressive jazz-rock classic from Austria crammed full with extended instrumental guitar and sax interplay. An excellent find. Includes four bonus tracks. Very collectable and rare as an original album. $20.99

ELOY - Time To Turn (1982) (Import/Electrola) The sound here is again synth-driven, and there has been a minor line-up change since "Planets" with British-born drummer Jim McGillivray being ditched and replaced with old member Fritz Randow. Together with "Planets" this album represents a high-point in the career of the early 80's line-up of this enduring progressive band. $17.99

EMBRYO - Father, Son and Holy Ghosts (1972) (Import w/bonus trk) Third album by German legends Embryo, originally released in 1972. A cool set of trippy jazzy rock with plenty of keyboard led jams. This is one of the bands more commercial releases yet it does not sacrifice the experimentation that made the band so admired. Great Krautrock by one of the top 10 German bands of the 70's. $20.99

EMMA MYLDENBERGER - (S/T) (1978) (Import w/bonus trks) $20.99

EMTIDI - SAAT (Lion) "The follow-up to their 1970s debut on Thorofon (also available on Wah Wah) is a cosmic folk opus of epic proportions. Dorothy and Mike team up with the great Dieter Dierks to produce one of the most beautiful cosmic treks of all times, where fragile femme vocals collide with a rich background of multi-tracked guitars, phased keys and trippy electronics. Again, a recording touched all over by Dierk's magic, who wraps the whole set in a glowing, otherworldly atmosphere. Kosmische classic!!!

EPIDAURUS - Earthly Paradise (1977) (Import) Epidaurus' debut album enjoys a lost-gem minor classic reputation and it is little wonder why, because this album represents a bit the later 70's German take-over of symphonic rock, once most of the English bands had completely run out of steam. This quintet (two keyboards, no (guitar plus a female singer) was taking much of the old recipes, and using what seemed outmoded instruments, but this is one of the ingredients most progheads will like. The album is clearly presented in two phases/styles: the first side presenting a solid symphonic rock that is reminiscent of Genesis or Yes, while the second side clearly ogles in the Symphonic-era of Tangerine Dream. $20.99

EPSILON - Move On (1971) (Import/Bellaphon)    Released in 1971) by German early 70s kraut rock band epsilon, who are sometimes referred to as the German Traffic.The band featured ex Orange Peel & Nosferatu guitarist Michael Winzkowski and contains an amzing re-working of the Rolling Stones number "Paint it Black". Interesting early 70's progressive ground.$16.99

Exmagma - Exmagma & Goldball A German trio who released two albums in 1973 & 74. A spacey mixture of jazzy rock and experimental exploration it's loaded with trippy effects, and electronic gadgets. Recommended for anyone wanting instrumental music to bend the mental boundaries.. Instrumental jazzy, progressive rock reminiscent of later Gong with plenty of freaky passages of expressive spacey music. Damn fine! Finally issued on CD.

Exmagma - Exmagma 3 At last a proper re-release of the ultimate masterpiece of one of the most inventive names in Kraut-history. And of one of the legendary Konrad Plank’s best ever production jobs. This, the band's third album from 1975, was intended as a double-LP and it's generally agreed on that this is their most mature and representative release. While all the influences, from Hendrix via Soft Machine to ˜Bitches Brew- Miles Davis, remained intact, the band at this stage had clearly developed a great ability in songwriting and singing. Which made a difference compared to their first two -strictly instrumental- LP's, which didn't always make things easier for the average rock fan. But as said, 3 is exmagma's finest piece of work. It's not Kraut, it's not rock, it's not jazz, it's not avantgarde. It's all of that in perfect balance! And the result is much bigger than the sum of the parts.

FLOH DE COLOGNE - Geyer-Symphonie (1972) (Import/Spalax) Arguably the most unusal and innovative of their albums, this original concept piece concerns the life of corporate magnate Friedrich Flick & his exploits, with an extraordinary concoction of rock, blues, jazz and experimental theatre, taking in diverse elements from a death march, skiffle, and rock 'n' roll. Sung/narrated in German. $17.99

FLOH DE COLOGNE - Lucky Streik (1972) (Import/Spalax) Recorded live in 1972 and originally released as a double LP, this communal collective were a kind of German equivalent to The Fugs or Mothers', being heavily involved as they were in the poltical protests of the day. Vociferously anti-capitalist, this album consists of the performance of a (then) unique piece, with German-language narrative... A fascinating document, with primitive musical backing! $17.99

FLOH DE COLOGNE - Profitgeier - Live (1971) (Import/Spalax) From 1971, the "Profit Vulture's Rock Opera" is an aggressive concept piece, with a primitive garagey organ/guitar communal backing and left wing radical political agenda. Ranting against millionaires, capitalism & the profit motive, the album is kind of like a German Fugs or a garage Crass! The fact that all the lyrics are in German, doesn't dimish the power in the delivery - particularly on the heavy "Wir brauchen keine Milliönre".... And the closing "Wir werden immer mehr" $17.99

FREAK OUT - Life (1971) (Import/w bonus trks) Named after the Mothers Of Invention this Austrian act really had their finger on the pulse with their mad jazzed out cover versions of real classics like 'Son Of Mr Green Genes' (Zappa), 'Evil Ways' (Santana), 'See My Ways' (Blodwyn Pig) and more in extended sax and guitar jams. Hey this is really tripped out and to see an original copy of this 1971 album is like finding the Holy Grail. Buy this before it also gets deleted!.Taken from tapes at the time this is not the sonic standard of live recordings we are used to now. $20.99

FRIEDHOF - (same) Ltd. (1972) (Import) German prog trio with a garage feel rooted in blues-rock, similar to Arktis, da Capo and even Cream!! $23.99

SERGIUS GOLOWIN - Lord Krishna von Goloka (Lion) The final part of the Cosmic Jokers puzzle to be issued on CD, at last. Always an extremely rare LP (originally the 2nd release on Kosmiche Musik in 1973), this has got to be one of the most feverishly desired reissues of this or any year. Golowin's cosmic voice wafts across a backing of surging space-electronic psych, as performed by the in-house crew of Klaus Schulze, Walter Westrupp, Bernd Witthuser, Jerry Berkers, Jurgen Dollase & Jorge Mierke. An essential blast.

Golem - Orion Awakes One of the recent Kraut Rock finds made by Acme records.... Only sold in art galleries as a limited edition of 100 LPs this amazing release came out in 1972 and remained completely unknown until this CD release. Killer space rock with guitar, hammond etc.

GOMORRHA - I Turned To See Whose Voice It Was Excellent rare German head melting spaced out acid guitar and keyboard freakouts mixed with acoustic passages! $17.99

GURU GURU - UFO (Lion) "Killer debut by one of the craziest bands ever: Guru Guru. Mani Neumeier (drums), Uli Trepte (bass) and Ax Genrich (guitar) get together for what some still consider as the ultimate trip on record. Insane psychedelic action, from stoned to acid, reflecting the trio's live impromptu freeform jams, albeit in a shorter format. A white-hot sound best witnessed in tracks like 'Der LSD-Marsch' or 'UFO,'originally released by Ohr in 1970. For fans of early Can, Kraftwerk & Faust."

HAX CEL - Zwai (1972) (Import/w bonus trks) Many fans of a fusion between classical music and progressive rock will appreciate this effort. We are not dealing with a cheap Ekseption or Renaissance clone but rather with very creative music which is convincing even without the use of a guitar. "Zwai" (Dizzy LP DS 726) features a live recording of their last gig on October 29th, 1972. The two tracks of their single, "Albinoni" and "Difference", are included as bonus tracks on the CD, which therefore features Häx Cel’s complete works. Apart from two Händel tracks and one by Albinoni, all the material was written and masterly played by the band itself. $20.99

IHRE KINDER - Werdohl (1971) (Import/Kuckuck) Ihre Kinder established themselves in 1968 as a unique and very German band on the edge of pop but with folk and progressive tendencies.    WERDOHL contained their most experimental works.$17.99

IHRE KINDER - Leere Hande/Empty Hands (1970) (Import/Kuckuck) $17.99

KALACAKRA- Crawling To Lhasa    Superb and rare early '70s German album full of long trippy stoned instrumentals, with an eastern feel.    Official release with 2 bonus tracks...$21.99

KAPUTTER HAMSTER - (74) (ST) (OW 017) Excellent blend of rock, blues, jazz and prog sounds! $19.99

KARTHAGO - 1st (Import) $17.99

ROLAND KOVAC NEW SET - The Master Said (1971) (Import) Psychedelic keyboards galore -- and rare sound library set that mixes the electric piano of Roland Kovac with the heady organ of Brian Auger -- both jamming here in a batch of long tracks with plenty of freaky production touches! This album's done with the intensity and freedom of some of the most progressive fusion on the German scene of the early 70s -- in a style that's somewhere between MPS electric and Brain Records prog -- really resonating here with the best aspects of both! Sigi Schwab is on guitar, Peter Trunk is on bass, and the lesser-known Keith Forsey gets in a few tight funky licks on drums -- and tracks include "Genesis", "Guru", "Love That", "Sivertime", and "Exploration". $20.99

KROKODIL - Psychedelic Tapes (1970-72) (Import/Second Battle) 1970-1972 were the psychedelic years of the mighty krokodil from Switzerland who made the stunning psychedelic kraut rock album "An Invisible World Revealed". During this early period the band recorded a lot of magical songs both live (3 tracks) and in the studio (5 tracks) which are now after more than 30 years are released here on CD. Long trippy space rock with a West Coast/Kraut Rock edge, feature fluid acid guitar work, flute and effects. The CD includes a great version of "Pharoah Sanders "The Creator Has a Mater Plan" plus other gems. Housed in a three fold digi pak with booklet. $24.99

LIFE - Spring (1971) (Import/with bonus trks) $20.99

LIGHTSHINE - Feeling (Garden of Delights)    Classic early '70s German psychedelic rock album with great fluid fuzz guitar solos.    Elements of Kraut Rock mix with West Coast like psych and Canterbury weirdness....$20.99

MAGMA - Rock Duo Magma (1975) (Import w/bonus trks) $20.99

MCCHURCH SOUNDROOM- Delusion (Import) This is described in "Crack In The Cosmic Egg' as a classic and we wholeheartedly agree! Recorded in Hamburg in 1971, this is a largely instrumental album of jazzy progressive psychedelic rock that resembles Thirsty Moon and Gravy Train.

MESSAGE - The Dawn Anew Is Coming (1972) (Import) Remastered copy of the 1972 debut album by the German/British band. If you like Nektar then you need this quality blend of heavy rock, psych and progressive styles. Great guitar work and strong material holds the album together from start to finish. Contains 1 bonus track "Smile" which was issued as a single in 1972. $19.99

MISSUS BEASTLY - (S/T) (1974) (Import/with bounus trks) 1974 self-titled album from German underground jazz-proggers missus Beastly and by now the band had really moved into the Munich scene of the mid 70's playing long jams(like a livelier Passport) and having quite a groove-oriented sound.Produced by Dieter Dierks. $20.99

MISSUS BEASTLY (S/T) (1970) (Import) 1970 debut album from this experimental German band. A pleasant mixture of Canterbury style jazz-rock and stoned tripped out acid jams. Great engrossing stuff. $20.99

MORPHEUS - Rabenteuer (1976) (Import) $20.99

MURPHY BLEND “First Loss” (Import) Fine reissue of one of the best heavy psychedelic progressive Krautrock albums. They were responsible for one of the best albums released on Polydor's legendary Kuckuck label. Murphy Blend favored heady psychedelic instrumentals, with heavy guitar and chunky Hammond organs; they were a rarity in early German rock, as singer/organist Wolf-Rüdiger Uhlig utilised his keyboards to incorporate classical themes into the band’s heavy progressive music. It's impossible to name highlights, as all material is truly excellent. Sadly, Murphy Blend disbanded soon after recording this album. Uhlig went on to create Hanuman, and guested on Frumpy's third album, "By The Way" in 1972; Andreas Scholz went on to join Blackwater Park.

NECRONOMICON - Tips Zum Selbstmord (1972) (Import w/bonus trks) Possibly one of the rarest German early '70s albums and certainly one of the best. Killer Kraut Rock with steel welding guitar solos and a Floyd like atmosphere.... The album title translated means "How To Commit Suicide..". Plus four bonus tracks. $20.99

NINE DAYS WONDER - We Never Lost Control (197?) (Import/Bellaphon) Progressive German rock from the mid seventies that comes layered with rich instrumentation and captivating arrangements over long tracks. $17.99

NOSFERATU “S/T” (Import) “Amongst the most obscure of Krautrock bands, due to being so early and on an unlikely label. Nosferatu's sole eponymous album was housed in a sinister bizarre cover, that perfectly captured the dark edge of their music, being an atypical Krautrock fusion betwixt Xhol Caravan, Message and Out Of Focus, hinting at British bands like Gravy Train or Jade Warrior. For 1970, they were pioneers. ”—Tony Henrik

OUT OF FOCUS “S/T” (Import) Second album (1971) of pure invention, and psychedelic music without boundaries; extended instrumentals, and heavy jamming, very much akin to their contemporaries like Xhol Caravan and Embryo. Out of Focus were actually among the very finest German groups of the 70s. Drawing heavily from both jazz and psychedelic rock, Out of Focus created a uniquely powerful, fluid sound that focused on extended jams, featuring acid-laced organ, guitar and flute. Bands like Embryo and Kraan (particularly on their first album) come to mind as comparisons, as well as, more obviously, Soft Machine. Out of Focus certainly retained a distinct style, particularly by way of the lilting flute prominence.

ORGANISATION (Pre Kraftwerk) - Tone Float    (1970) (IMPORT) The first LP collaboration between the two visionaries who would go on to found Kraftwerk is a bit like the first Tangerine Dream LP, in that it bears little resemblance to their later electronics-dominated work and is closer to "traditional Krautrock". The Organisation album is basically instrumental, heavily oriented towards improvisation, features lots of hand percussion and shows more jazz and psychedelic influence than anything Kraftwerk would ever do.

P205- (ST) (7?) Great German mid '70's heavy underground like a rawer Deep Purple killer hammond work w/dark moods! (Ohrwaschl) $17.99

PATERNOSTER “S/T” (Import) “Prime Krautrock (albeit from Austria), circa 1972—what goths would have listened too had there been goths back then! acid-fueled downer rock, complete with full-blown psychedelic guitar freak-outs, coupled with somber church-like organ and a vocalist who sounds on the verge of tears throughout the album. A complex album, to be sure, with terrific flights into the cosmos often compared to those fine Krautrock exemplars Gila and Virus. A most melancholic, wonderful record, the sort of thing that all too often is relegated to the prog/psych collectors corner; an odd, but excellent, hidden treasure that shares a dark mentality with the likes of Comus.

ROYAL SERVANTS - We (1970) (Import w/bonus trks) German Band Who Sounded More Uk Than German. Influences From Bands Like Yardbirds And Beatles. Pre- Eulenspygel. $20.99

RUFUS ZUPHALL - Avalon & On (197?-99) (Import w/bonus trks) Reissue for first time on CD of the lost 3rd album by this great '70's German outfit. It contains material from 1972 planned to be released as their 3rd album, but before a record deal took place the band split up. Musically in the vein of Phallobst'. 2 Long tracks over 12 minutes mixed with some shorter oriented tracks make this an great addition the bands other releases. CD comes with lots of bonus tracks and informative booklet. $20.99

RUFUS ZUPHALL - WEIB DER TEUFEL (1969)    Killer debut album of excellent German prog with flute, guitar, keyboards, etc. $19.99

SAHARA "Sunrise" (Import) In 1974, Subject Esq. changed their name to Sahara to get out of a contract with CBS. They were wise enough to add keyboardist Hennes Hering from Out Of Focus, and a full-time lead guitarist. With this new proliferation of multiinstrumentalists, a mass of keyboards, and various wind instruments, it is no surprise that the album “Sunrise” should be quite special. Two tracks develop the Subject Esq. sound on a more progressive and classical rock front. That’s all well and good. But the 27-minute ‘Sunrise’ suite is extraordinary, a winding excursion that ranges from Camel to The Cosmic Jokers, from Pink Floyd to Pulsar—you get the idea: it's acosmic fan's nirvana.

ERNST SCHULTZ - Paranoia Picknick (1971) (Import) $20.99

SUBJECT ESQ. “S/T” (Import) Digipack reissue of the only release (Epic, 1972) by Subject Esq. before they changed their name to Sahara; complex progressive rock with fusion elements, showing classical influences, and demonstrating superb musicianship throughout. Comparable to many other bands of the era, like Thirsty Moon, Camel, etc. Subject Esq. had unique touches of their own, with an unusual use of vocals, time signatures, and a wide range of solo instruments, all of which are given plenty of room in the lengthy instrumental sections.

TANGERINE DREAM - Ultima Thule Two CD collection of early and rare tracks from the groundbreaking German electronic outfit Tangerine Dream. Disc One contains very rare tracks from their pre-TD recordings when they were called The Ones including the seldom-heard 1966 single 'Lady Greengrass' / 'Love Of Mine'. Disc Two features a collection of later rarities from their '90s recordings. 19 tracks. Entertain Me.

TWOGETHER - A Couple of Times (1973) (Import with bonus trks) $20.99

TYBURN TALL - (S/T) (1969) (Import w/bonus trks)    Reissue Of The Most Expensive German Lps. Progressive Classic Rock In The Vein Of Deep Purple With Great Keyboard Player. $20.99

WYOMING - In Prison (Import/Bellaphon) $17.99

ZARATHUSTRA - (ST) (1971)    Hamburg progressive rock band with strong keyboards, comparable to Atomic Rooster and Tomorrow's Gift!    $19.99

DVD XHOL CARAVAN - Talking To My Soul (1970) (Plays PAL and NTSC) (Import w/bonus form 2003 &4)) $21.99


ACANTHE "Someone Somewhere" A group from the Grenoble area, it existed from 1973 to 1977. Thanks to FrŽdŽric Leoz, the original writer and composer, some original tapes were recently re-discovered, leading, after a lot of re-working effort, to "Someone Somewhere". This release is kind of a miracle for every French Progressive rock and Seventies lover: the music of Acanthe, although never released before, easily takes place among the best French bands of this period. It reveals influences from Pink Floyd, Genesis, King Crimson, Ange or the Doors (in some organ parts, especially), but offers a personal music, mixing instrumental and sung sequences, in English or French. Well played, refined and worked-out, with beautiful guitar solos and suggestive keyboards, "Someone somewhere" is intense, full of musical ideas and inspiration. Let's also mention a recording sound many current bands would have been proud of. A must-have!

ANGE "Caricatures" Ange is, no doubt about it, the most popular French Progressive band. Its music is based on Christian Decamps unmistakable and melodramatic voice, his brother Francis' powerful organ sounds as well as on the development of energetic and intense medieval themes. The record offers a glimpse of symphonic rock that's still tuned-in to fuzzy, unpolished psychedelia and bursts with personality. Some of the songs may surpriseÑoften because of the inventiveness of the songs considering the album's early year of release, and at others because of the sheer audacity of the lyrics.

ATOLL "Musiciens-Magiciens" Atoll were a talented French ensemble who very much carried their own symphonic sound blending the finer aspects of French comrades Ange, Pulsar and Mona Lisa (ext to Ange, Atoll were probably the most influential of the French symphonic groups). With this debut album "Musiciens-Magiciens" from 1974, Atoll led the way for the others with a wonderful album full of emotion and originality. Their style was very theatrical in nature, offering dynamic and melodic arrangements with great song writing and vocal harmonies.Musically "MusiciensÐMagiciens" is directly in the Genesis, Yes, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Ange camp. The album is comprised of seven tracks of early prog rock, with an amazing 11-minute epic Le Baladin Du Temps which definitely is the defining moment of the album. An excellent record, full of originality. Reissued by the Musea label in a deluxe limited edition mini-LP format, faithfully reproducing the original vinyl cover.

CATHARSIS - Volume 1 - Masq (1971) (Import/Spalax) The debut album by this French band from 1971 is a weird mixture of accessible melodies, wordless chanting, strong repetitive percussion and layers of keyboards. Like a cross between a gothic horror soundtrack and a spaghetti western, it has elements of Pink Floyd's "Atom Heart Mother" and the finest Amon Duul II improvisations. $17.99

CATHARSIS - Volume 2 Les Chevrons (1972) (Import/Spalax) $17.99

CATHARSIS - Volume 4 Illuminations    (Import/Spalax) $17.99

CIRCUS - In the Arena (1977) (Import/Fresh Music) Circus were one of the most exciting live progressive rock bands of the mid 70's. In lead singer Bernie Miller the group had a showman that rivaled Jagger, Freddy Mercury etc... add some of the hottest players in the country and some great songs like "Speed Queen," "Long legged lady’" and their heart-stopping version of Conquistador, and you get an album that 26 years later still sounds as majestic as it did back when it was released and ignored. Digitally re-mastered by the band themselves and packed with rare photos and incisive liner notes. $19.99

ELONKORJUU - Harvest Time (1972) (Import)Excellent Finnish hevy progressive rock band. At the birth of the progressive movement, this Finnish quintet played a heavyish brand of rock with a tightness and style that only comes from continual band practice 'down in the basement'. Superb Harvest/Vertigo style underground sounds... catchy tunes and instrumental dexterity without being overblown or pompous. A great band!

FILLE QUI MOUSSE - (S/T) (1972) (Import/Spalax) $17.99

FLEURS DE PAVOT- Fleurs De Pavot Originally released in 1968, the now impossible to find self titled album by Les FLEURS De Pavot is considered as the first psychedelic/hippie record from France. A veil of mistery surrounded the real origins of the band at the time...according to their press release, they were formed by a couple of hippies, Groovy Pat from London and Jesus from San Francisco who met at some show in Paris...the reality was more unglamorous: Les Fleurs De Pavot were in fact a twist band called Bourgeois De Calais, transformed into exploitation acid-eater hippies by their manager JP Rawson. The album was produced by the genius tandem of Jean Claude Vannier (famous for his involvement on Gainsbourg's "Melody Nelson" album) & Bernard Estardy (Nino Ferrer's organist / sound engineer). An explosive mix of psychedelic pop, yeyé music & bizarre studio experimentation featuring 12 superb tracks full of fuzz guitars, groovy vocals and swirling organ with very explicit drug related lyrics. Music ranges
from mod psych dancefloor smashers like "A degager" to the final six minute lysergic freak-out "Le Rateau De La Meduse" and even one cool bossa track. $21.99

HELDON IV - Agenta Nilsson (1976) (Import/Spalax) $17.99

MOVING GELATINE PLATES - (S/T) (1971) $19.99

MOVING GELATINE PLATES - The World of Genius Hans (1972) (Import/Musea/w/bonus trks) $19.99

OMEGA PLUS (Featuring Claude Engel) "How To Kiss The Sky" (Shagadelic) Sole album from this French trio originally released in 1969. Featuring Claude Engel (who went on to form Magma), this is prototype French heavy progressive rock with acoustic interludes.There's some mean acid guitar work with flute garnish and side two is devoted to one long live track based on a Rimbaud poem. Only 1000 albums were pressed on initial release making this a rare and welcome issue. Beautiful mini gatefold sleeve card package.

PULSAR - Pollen "The re-issue of "Pollen" from 1975, includes a biographical booklet with words and pictures. A year later, "The Strands Of The Future" showed us its charms in the format of hyper-sophisticated, elaborated and refined music, filled with exacerbated lyricism and romanticism. Probably as good or even better than "Halloween" ! Includes delicate flute work, washes of string synthesizer, gloomy and heavily echoed vocals, spacey, Rick Wright-ish Hammond organ work (with the characteristically tiny modulations), and a very Pink Floyd-ish rhythm section. The guitar playing is also quite nice and acoustic passages balance nicely with sections that feature the electric guitar."

PULSAR - Pollen Pulsar's third album, Halloween, issued in 1977, is generally considered one of the ten best symphonic albums of all time. This masterpiece of refinement (as the label says), is at last reissued with a wonderful 16-page booklet that includes biography, photos, words and history of the band from Lyon. Definitely indispensable for all progressive rock fans. The re-issue of Pollen (from 1975), includes a biographical booklet with words and pictures. The Strands Of The Future (1976) showed us its charms in the format of hyper-sophisticated, elaborated and refined music, filled with exacerbated lyricism and romanticism. Three milestones of Seventies French Progressive rock.

SANDROSE - (S/T) (1972) (Import/Musea) Sandrose came from France and were founded in 1971 by the leader Jean-Pierre Alacren.    One year later their only album was released on Polydor, and was recorded during one week at the Studio DAVOUT. It contains mainly very original composotions, all of which are noteworthy for the timbre of the female vocalist, who also of course contributed half of the band's name. Songs like "Old Dom Is Dead" are really outstanding. After the release of this record the group performed a few concerts, but musical and personal divergences appeared and due to lack of ideological harmony the group disbanded after several concerts at the famous GIBUS-club in Paris at end of December 1972. $18.99

TANGERINE - Reves Cristal (1977) (Import/Spalax) $17.99

TANGERINE - Memoire (1976) (Import/Spalax) More closely related to US roots and folk-rock, than their debut, this 1976 release by the French 'Fairports was recorded after the departure of vocalist Valéry Btesh. On offer is an excellent set of relaxed rural hippie-rock, sounding more like 1972 than 76! Most songs sung in English. $17.99

LAURENT THIBAULT Mais On Ne Peut Pas Rver Tout Le Temps Superb one and only solo album (1979) from Magmas first bassist, also a famous producer and founder of the Theleme label, recorded with the help of well-known French musicians. The four tracks of the record have an incredibly sophisticated symphonic sound, in which every single note has its pre-determined place. The album starts in a dreamy mood with angelic, wordless vocals from Amanda Parsons (Hatfield & the North), backed by strings, guitar, bass, and later joined by percussion and lush keyboards. Elsewhere, there are songs with Native American influence from former Ergo Sum member Lionel Ledissez, as well as a song that demonstrate an Arabic influence; there are also animal sounds, nature sounds, flame throwers, and a machine gun, used as ordinary orchestral instruments. Serene, distressing, dreamy and nightmarish, this is very original music. Ranks for many people among the ten best French records ever made.